The Gilded Hour unabridged audio with Blackstone

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  • The Gilded Hour unabridged audio with Blackstone

I am addicted to audiobooks. I always have at least two going. In the car, while I’m cooking or (cough) cleaning or just sitting staring into space, I love to have somebody read to me.

Blackstone Audio competed with a couple other audiobook producers and finally came out on top. They will be producing   the unabridged audio of The Gilded Hour. I’m very excited about this, and especially excited because in June they’ll decide on a reader.

It’s a matter of some anxiety for me, because there are not only MANY characters with distinctive voices, there are also bits in five different dialects of Italian, in French and Swiss German and German. Oh, and Hungarian. I know there are readers out there who can handle all this, and I’m looking forward to learning which one of them will be bringing The Gilded Hour to life.

And then there’s this reception/dinner thing at BEA15 to go to.

Blackstone Audio at the BEA

Blackstone Audio at the BEA