The Gilded Hour sequel: NOT YET.

Not done, but making progress. I can offer you the image I’m using for a writing prompt. The cover design will be out of my hands — as ever — so this is just temporary. It’s from a painting by Whistler, and was painted at the right time. 

The title is a fragment from a poem by Rumi: “The wound is the place where the light enters.”


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  1. I so look forward to Where the Light Enters. From the first six books, I was hooked, then received The Gilded Hour and got to the end and said, “What.” You are a fantastic writer and I do look forward to when the sequel comes out. Thank you so much for all the hours of enjoy you have given me.

  2. Incredibly excited to see you mentioning this book. I stumbled upon The Gilded Hour and loved it and have been anxiously awaiting the sequel ever since. Glad you have shared your writing with us.

  3. What a great story! I’m so glad to see stories about strong educated women, but what is with all the loose ends? I have read all your books and this is the first one that you have written with so many ?’s

    When do you expect the next novel to come out?

  4. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading The Gilded Hour. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out …so many unanswered questions. I will wait paitiently …..

  5. Loved the book When does the sequel come out ?!!! Can not wait to get the answers in the sequel
    Hurry up. Write fast !!!!!

      1. I am forced to re-read your series and the Guilded hour again, waiting for the sequel. Such good books!

  6. I listened to your first series and absolutely loved them. I just got done listening to The Gilded Hour. I had no idea what it was about when I downloaded it from Audible. I was thrilled when I realized the main characters were related to the Wilderness characters. Now I can’t wait for the next one in this series. Thank you for many, many great hours of listening!!!!.

  7. My daughter gave me the first of the Wilderness series. I ended up buying the rest of the series.
    Several of my adult children are reading the series so we pass them around. I loved the books!!!
    I liked the maps in the front too as I’m a visual person and like to see where things are located.
    I’m halfway through the Gilded Hour now and like the others, I’m already looking forward to the sequel.
    My husband and I are both artists and we often compare the creative process of writing and painting. They are really the same. Get a beginning down on paper or canvas and then lots of editing, thinking about it, letting it “rest” so the writer or artist can catch up to it. We love hearing interviews with writers on television and hearing about their process. Such a blessing to use your creativty!!

    1. Hi Linda — thank you so much for taking the time to write. Creative minds are endlessly interesting, I agree. I dabble in painting and clay when I’m having trouble writing or when I just need a break. And I’m always fiddling with the maps I use for the novels. I hope you’ll find the sequel worth the wait. best wishes to you and your family of readers

  8. I’ve come looking for the sequel and I am thrilled to see that you are working on it. Your books are my absolute favorites. Happy writing!

  9. I was so excited to find your new series and the ties to the Wilderness family!! I have read the Wilderness series twice (never thought I would do such a thing?) and I do hope you are able to write fast… We are all waiting?

  10. Just finished reading the Gilded Hour. Fantastic story and well written. I was unable to put the book down and when I reached the end, I said there has to be a sequel, please! Looking forward to the next book. I have not read the Wilderness Series but have already purchased the first in the series.

  11. I loved The Gilded Hour…but all of the sudden it was done!!! Too many questions without answers! Aggghhh! Can’t wait for the sequel to be finished but don’t rush…it must be perfect! The characters deserve it. Don’t kill off anyone unnecessarily for effect. There’s enough bad news in the world. Thanks for your art!

  12. I just finished the Gilded Hour – 30 hours on audio, and I still want more! Loved it!!

  13. Oh this is so exciting! I can’t wait and have already told my family that I will again be doing some time traveling and will not be available for days… Thankfully they understand and will fend for themselves while I go back to the lovely world you made with Anna and Jack and Sofie. And I pray that Aunt Quinlan will be there too!

  14. I’ve read the Wilderness series and picked up “The Gilded Hour” because it was by you. I read it with enthusiasm and when I reached the last chapter…no, no, there has to be more! I cannot wait for the sequel! I hope there is a way to notify your readers when it comes out.

    1. Toni — thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, there will be announcements here and on Facebook when I have a publication date.

  15. SO looking forward to spending time in your imaginative genius again when Where the Light Blooms is published. Soon?

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words of support, Sandy.

      That’s an interesting alternate title, I have to say. As soon as I have a publication date I’ll let people know, but it will be a while yet.

  16. I am a retired children’s school media specialist working part-time at my local public library. The favorite part of my job is readers adviser and one of my favorite books to recommend this year is The Gilded Hour. Everyone has loved it! Can’t wait for the sequel.

  17. Hi
    Loved, loved your book. I sat my garage
    Listening to your book. I noticed that all previous comments were women. Let me be the first man to comment. I am a champion of women’s equality. My wife is a health care provider. And I’m proud of her accomplishments. So your story struck a soft spot in my heart.
    Thank you for sharing your talents and creativity. Can’t wait for the sequel.

    1. Hi Jack — It is nice to hear from a guy, you’re right. Many thanks for your support. Please tell your wife hello, and if she gets around to reading GH, I hope she’ll let me know what she thinks.


  18. I have totally loved the Wilderness series.I bought them all to read and now on audible.I am awaiting to open the next set of series on the Gilded Hour and just know there is so much more explore.
    Keep your wonderful books coming

      1. I have been reading since I was 4 and am now 70. Your books are up there with my favourites. Thank you so muchx

  19. I enjoyed your book. The romance/relationship was spot on.
    And you really get children, their behavior, sweetness, and kindness,

    There may be an error toward the very end when Anna and Jack are talking about their least favorite time of YEAR. Then the passage goes on to talk about twilight. Perhaps you meant to write DAY.


    1. Robin, you are absolutely right that twilight is a time of day. But they are also talking about the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It could have been more clearly worded, I see that. Thank you for your kind words of support and for bringing this to my attention. Very much appreciated.

    2. Robin. I have just started reading The Gilded Hour. I now know that Anna and Jack are alive at the end of the book !

  20. I love historical fiction. My favorite period is the 19th century. When I stumbled across your book “The Gilded Hour” and read the synopsis, I knew it was a must read. But like others I was a little disappointed with the ending. Then, I again stumbled upon your blog and was excited to read that you are writing a sequel. Please don’t laugh, but can we hope for a sequel to your new book “Where The Light Enters?”

    I haven’t read your Wilderness Series, but will definitely have to check into them.

    1. Hi Evelyn — Why would I laugh? That’s a lovely compliment. Thank you. I’ll keep on writing as long as people keep on reading. Thanks again, it’s very good to hear from happy readers.

  21. I too can’t wait until your next book, Where The Light Enters…., is ready to be ordered. I have my cousin and mother both hooked on your Into The Wilderness series. They love them a lot and can’t wait for your next book either. We were all born and raised in New York State, upstate, not NYC, but have been to NYC too, for visiting. My cousin is married to a doctor, and she herself is a med. tech. retired now, but her husband, he isn’t retired yet, but may be in a few years. But we are all familiar with the struggle of women from years ago, and still to the present, in some areas, but we aren’t ‘angry women’ or nothing like that. We just live our lives the best we can and overcome any obstacles we may encounter in our journey through life, until our next life with God. Anyway, we are very glad you are still writing and look forward to the next book in your series. Thank You for keeping up the great works you do to champion women and champion lives for everyone. Life is worth spending time in it.

    1. Hi Judy — What can I say but thank you, to you and your family and friends? Your support and encouragement are a great boost. I’m writing as fast as I can, I promise.

  22. Hi Rosina- I have enjoyed immensely reading all your books. When the sequel to the GildedHour comes out, will there be a shot synopsis so I can remember the characters and the plot? Or will I have to re-read the first book? I’ve already forgotten so much!

  23. Absolutely loved The Gilded Hour . Having a nursing background, I was so glad to read about medical issues back then. Can hardly wait till the sequel comes out. Haven’t read the Wilderness series, but will now and maybe catch up withe family before the sequel comes out.

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