The Gilded Hour publication date

I have to say, I thought (and hoped) it would be sooner. But the publisher has the power, and the publisher (The Berkley Publishing Group, a division Penguin/Putnam) has decided that The Gilded Hour will be  released in  September 2015.

All in all I’m in a good place, given the state of the industry. You can read more about the future of bookselling (in general, and more specifically about romance) here , in an article written by Eloisa James, another academic who happens to write romance. My editor (Wendy McCurdy) has some interesting things to say too.

A question for you: Would an excerpt help pass the time?

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  1. Congratulations, Rosina – it must be wonderful to see the whole process of producing the novel come fruition. I’ve marked the day in my calendar!

    Oh, and excerpt would be wonderful…

  2. Yes, I’d like it sooner as well but I’m just delighted that things are moving along and now I have something to look forward to in 2015.

  3. A chapter a month would be lovely, starting in January. Out in September, like you are giving birth to a babe! :-) Make it available only to subscribers. i.e. log in to download or you send out once a month to your subscribers. Just a thought :-)

  4. Dear Rosina, it would be magnificent to have excerpts from ‘The Guilded Hour’ to sustain us until next September. I enjoyed the excerpt (August 9th 2013) very much . I am looking forward to reading about Anna and Sophie’s adventures. I find myself regularly returning to the ‘Wilderness’ series to read sections of dialogue and visit old friends. I find it difficult to read the Epilogue in “The Endless Forest’ without shedding a tear as it is like losing loved ones.
    Kind Regards

  5. Let’s see. It’s only been 2010 since The Endless Forest. 5 years. Do I need a Lippi fix? Huh. Well, yeah. I might be persuaded to read an excerpt. Probably. Perhaps. Maybe.

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