The Gilded Hour: New Edition, Slippage & Good Stuff Coming


The trade paper edition of The Gilded Hour is now out there in the world.


I blame the midnight elves.
I blame the midnight elves.

If you follow along here and/or on Facebook* you may remember that when The Gilded Hour was in the crucial final stages of the editorial process, my editor left Penguin/Berkley, and a new editor picked up where she left off.

Please note immediately: neither editor is responsible for the slippage I’m talking about here. The change in editors was not their decision, and both did everything in their power to make the transition as smooth as possible.

And yet, some things went sideways.  A lot of small errors never got corrected in the hardcover edition of The Gilded Hour and there were also two larger problems. (1) a scene got abbreviated. Once I realized this had happened I posted the complete scene online and you can read the whole thing here.  (2) More problematic was the final scene, which was also not what I intended. 


The trade paper edition of The Gilded Hour came out today, and with one exception  (the missing scene) all the problems were fixed.

If you already have an ebook edition of The Gilded Hour, you can re-download it and you’ll find that all the corrections are now in place.

LESS GOOD NEWS: If you have a hardcover copy and you (quite reasonably) don’t want to buy the trade paper edition or an ebook edition, then here’s what I can offer you: Sometime in the next week I will post a pdf for you to download. In it will be:

(1) the full scene that was accidentally shortened;

(2) a list of the small corrections;

(3) the final scene as it appears in the trade paper edition and

(4) “The Surgeon Investigation Report”  Documents from the historical archives of the (fictional) New York police department  which provide some insight into the murder mystery you have all been wondering about.  

(5) a recently discovered love letter between two of the characters who must remain nameless for the moment.

You can download this chock-full-of-goodness pdf  (once I post it) no matter what edition of the book you bought or borrowed from the library.  

This is irritating for you and terribly frustrating for me. But it is what it is, and I hope this will help. So watch this space. 

Also: I’ve got a pile of signed trade paperback editions sitting here that I’m about to send out to the people who won copies in various giveaways. 

*I post more often to Facebook these days, so if you are over there, it’s a good place to check for updates.

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