The Gilded Hour: Meet Jack Mezzanotte

Jack Mezzanotte
Jack Mezzanotte

The Gilded Hour website includes short character sketches of the novels main characters, including Jack Mezzanotte and Anna Savard.  No spoilers, so feel free to go wander around.

I’ll let you know when I post more character bios. 

Right now the comment function is misbehaving, but I hope to have that fixed soon. Remember that any comment left on this weblog or on the novel website will count toward the big big giveaway when the novel is released.

2 Replies to “The Gilded Hour: Meet Jack Mezzanotte”

  1. Sounds so interesting! I honestly would want to read it even if I didn’t know the ITW series. Can’t wait.

    Also, very sad to know that Anna was orphaned so young… meaning Curiosity died young :(

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