The Gilded Hour has arrived

First, thanks to all of you over the last few months. Pub dates are always nerve-wracking, but the kind comments and support here and on FaceBook and Twitter have been a great distraction, and much appreciated. 

Second: it’s here! Happy reading. And please, when you have a moment, think about leaving a review wherever you normally do such things — Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your own blog — getting the word out is part of making sure there’s another novel forthcoming. 


5 Replies to “The Gilded Hour has arrived”

  1. Rosina- I was both anxious and ecstatic when The Gilded Hour came out. I was anxious because I feared the book would be just a a re-telling of Elizabeth and Nathaniel’s story, but set in another time and place; but also ecstatic because I dearly loved Elizabeth and Nathaniel and their entire family and have missed them these many years. In the Gilded Hour you have resurrected that special place, no not the endless forest, but that place filled with deep and abidingly love supervised by female wisdom. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us.

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