that was strange, eh?

If you tried to come by over the last twenty-four hours you probably ran into a wall that told you I had exceeded my bandwidth. Which was very odd, as up until recently I had never got past fifty percent.

A job for the mathematician if I ever saw one. We had been planning on moving various domains around, and so he went ahead and did that, digging down to find out what was up with tttt. Which he did, and so here we are again.

It seems as though anybody who ever googled the term “s3x sc3nes” (see, I’m already taking precautions) has been dipping (cough) into my bandwidth. So now my choices: to take the posts on writing sscenes out of the blog and put them someplace else as a simple html doc, or to go through and change every instance of that term to something less immediately google-able.

But not right now. Right now I’m working. Just wanted to say, we’re back, we’re apparently on solid technological ground (a round of applause for the mathematician, and for Pavel at and there’s a bunch of stuff I want to post about, starting tomorrow.

5 Replies to “that was strange, eh?”

  1. Good to have you back. it would be a shame to get rid of the section on ss. Maybe using different terminology?

  2. Makes me think in Mary Wollstonecraft terms: “A mathematician is a convenient part of the furnishings of a house (unless he be a clumsy fixture)…” [g]

    And, yes, it would be a shame to have to remove them, it seems like a person googling for “s3x sc3nes” ought to occasionally stumble upon something that is not wretched. Another thought: Wonder what one does get if one googles that with the “3” instead of “e”? Judging by some of the spam headers I’ve seen, that could open up a whole new world of hurt… [imagining sites that are trying to elude the grasp of nannybots] Once again, somebody Ruins It For Everybody. [sigh]

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