Once in a while you come across a really great book title. More than once I have stopped cold in admiration and (yes) envy. An excellent title is almost as hard as the whole novel behind it.

Here are a few that strike me as just right:

A Hundred Years of Solitude
The Shell Seekers
The Inn at Lake Divine
Fear of Flying
Welcome to Temptation
Small Sacrifices (nonfiction)
She Drove without Stopping
The Things They Carried
Friend of My Youth

I thought Pajama Jones was a pretty darn good title, but my editor isn’t sure about it. The rest of her suggestions were really very reasonable and minor, things that I had been half worried about myself and that I can fix in a couple hours total. But the title?

That’s a lot harder. Also, I got good reactions on this end. Jenny (she who came up with Welcome to Temptation, Bet Me, Faking It, and other fantastic titles) loves Pajama Jones as a title. Unfortunately Jenny is not my editor.

The primary plot is about two people: one agoraphobic, the other claustrophobic. Whenever I consider that fact, I remember the Yiddish saying: a bird and a fish may love each other, but where will they make a home together?

Somehow I don’t think that would work as a title.

As I can’t solve this right now, I will go and work on something else. Like, hiding cookies from myself.