Talk to me: Do any of these books interest you?

Trying to put together a varied list of books that had an impact on me, but now I’m wondering: is this at all interesting?  Are you interested primarily (and maybe exclusively) in novels?  


3 Replies to “Talk to me: Do any of these books interest you?”

  1. I am very interested. I’ve added a few to my queue on the Kindle to check out over the next few months.

  2. I’m also interested. My problem is, I used to buy tons of books and add them to my to-be-read pile… and then never get around to it. Reading seems to come and go lately. Being pregnant I’m so tired that it’s taking me months to finish a book, when I used to devour one in 2 days. All this to say, I have Niccolo Rising (bought a few years ago after you wrote that it was one of your favourites) but I still have not read it. I also have Sophie’s Choice. Same issue. Maybe on my maternity leave? We get a year off in Canada :)

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