Kathleen Bolton

interview, part two at writer unboxed

Kathleen Bolton has posted the second half of the interview she did with me for Writer Unboxed. But before you go read it, I have to clarify something.

I’m not superwoman. I have the same doubts and fears everbody else has every morning when I look at what I have to get done. I obsess about a whole list of things– just like everybody else. It’s true that I’ve done a wide variety of things in my life thus far, but that can be put down to boredom or irritation.

A short confessional:

My study is a mess.

The library alcove in the house? I had to hire somebody else to organize it because it was so nutsy out of hand.

I lose paperwork, on a regular basis. Not ads or flyers, but bills to be paid and forms my agent needs me to fill out. I once lost a check for $5,000 and had to ask for it to be reissued.
I stare at a blank screen every day and panic. I was reading a biography of Norman Rockwell lately and I laughed out loud when I read his summary of his work process: 1. Hey, this is looking like it’ll turn out pretty good 2. My God, I’ve ruined it. Look at this mess! 3. Wait. Maybe I could –.

How many paintings and illustrations did the man do? Hundreds and hundreds, and every time he stood in front of his easel, it was the same thing, the same set of doubts and worries and beatijng himself up.

So read the interview, if you are curious. But remember I do not own a red cape nor do I look even slightly wonderwomanish.

But it is a wonderful interview. If I had a presskit, I’d make sure to put a copy of this interview in it.

interview at writer unboxed

Kathleen Bolton at Writer Unboxed just posted an interview she did with me, which you can find here, if you’re interested.

Writer Unboxed is worth a look in any case. I like the atmosphere there, which is exploratory and thoughtful. The blurb about the blog:

Writer Unboxed began as a collaboration between aspiring novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton. They often dissected great books and movies, trying to hone in on what made them work so well, and had even written and published an article about Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. When a second article idea was rejected for publication, they decided to create their own forum where they could broadcast their observations anytime they wished. Writer Unboxed was born.

The goal of the site is to help “unbox” genre-fiction writing through a discussion of craft and by interviewing authors who’ve already done it with style. Kath and Therese are thrilled that the site has now expanded to include other writers and industry leaders in publishing and the blogosphere.