swimming in history

At this stage in planning Six, I’ve got multiple things going on. I’m thinking about the characters themselves, having discussions with the ones who will talk to me. Finding out about Daniel, how best to approach him, what his frame of mind is like given his situation. Getting to know Carrie, who is a very different little girl than Lily was. Figuring out what’s on Elizabeth’s mind.

When I’ve done enough of this, an opening scene will present itself. I’ve got a vague sense of it now, but it’s going to take a couple more days to get to the point where I can start trying to get it on paper.

In the meantime I’m doing a lot of reading

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  1. I’d imagine Daniel is a very complex character who probably wouldn’t want to give too much away! The list of books you are going to read look interesting. American Grit looks particularly interesting to me. I own a few books which are collections of letters written by women mainly, relating to Australia’s early history. Letters written back home to relatives about life in the convict settlement etc. I think we gain so much knowledge from these sort of accounts.

  2. I sense a theme about slavery (again). I’ve always thought Lake in the Clouds was extremely interesting for that reason.

    Looks like a big pile of reading! Hope it is useful yet enjoyable.

  3. Looks like some interesting choices…I’m jealous that you get to read these books for your job. :) I’m curious about how you come up with your research list; it seems like there would be so many books out there that it would be hard to narrow it down.

  4. There isn’t necessarily a major story line about slavery. This is just background reading so I know what was going on, in case I do need it.

  5. Re 6
    Yippee I am glad it’s underway, however early in form.
    I do worry about Daniel. After reading QOS I did sort of wonder about Daniel and what if Rachel turned up for a visit and sparked him up a little… (not that they would end up as a couple, but maybe she unwittingly had some way of connecting with him which would give him back more of that zest for life he once had and seems to have lost?)
    Also, I’d still like to know about Hawkeye – will we learn what happened to him. I miss him a lot.

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