stumbling on new books

Leslie set herself up at LibraryThing (username leslief150), and in her list of five books was one I hadn’t heard about. It’s now on my library list (historical fiction almost always gets my attention). You’ll note also that The Canterbury Papers has a wonderful cover.

This is one of the great aspects of LibraryThing, the book-networking that goes on. And I’ve mean meaning to say: I have no affiliation with LibraryThing, nothing beyond a membership and keen interest.

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  1. I am in love with library thing! I never thought it could be so addicting. I have used up my free limit and have so much more to enter. I have found some interesting reads too, from other people’s catalogues. Thanks for sharing this information with everyone.

  2. Jessica: crickey, I hope you do use your local library. I use mine. Who could afford to buy every book, and they certainly deserve support for the work they do.

  3. Rosina, I’m about 2/3 through with Canterbury Papers and will be interested to hear your perspective on it when you get around to reading it. I’m enjoying the story; in fact, it keeps me thinking “what’s up next”…but there are a few too many “bethoughts” and “mayhaps” for the language to ring true to me. They crop up at odd moments and are almost funny…

  4. Hi. I have tons of books, and I love my books but the thought of categorizing them makes my brain hurt. You know the Myers-Briggs type index? I am an ENFP. Heavy accent on the P. (Doesn’t that mean messy or something.)

    So I decided not to do the contest thing this time around. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea – just not for me.

  5. Yes, I’m with Leslie. I bought the Canterbury Papers and while I did enjoy the read, I still thought it was missing a little ne sais quoi
    So it wouldn’t be up there as one of my favourites and it will be a while before I re-read it.

  6. This librarything is awesome. I just got an account and can’t wait to update it. I’m still messing around with it to figure out it’s different uses.

  7. LIbrary thing gets more fun the more you do it. I think its because each time you log on, you see more people have the same books as you. I’ve added yet more books … this will keep me busy for ages.

  8. I swear I’m blind…where is the Gimme, Gimme button?

    I picked up this book a while ago but haven’t read it yet. I think it is published here under the title ‘The Lost Letters of Aquitaine’

  9. Sara,
    I just finished The Canterbury Papers.

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    I thought it was very good. The language was at times too modern and for me not enough betimes and methoughts….The main character was smart and capable of riding a horse fast which she does quite a few times in the course of the action of thie story. She felt real as did the other characters….great characters…..even Eleanor of Aquitaine makes an appearance. The character of William….great….the closeness of Alias and William slowly moving with them as the story went on …..marvelous descriptions of manners and thoughts behind the courtly manners. Great descriptions of castles and food and smells and descriptions of fabrics…..but……I was so disappointed…in the sex scene. I know this blog has gone into much detail about sex scenes and our preferences….great plot great action and intrigue….but I wish you, Sara, could have written the sex scene pages. I think I’ll get it for my sister’s birthday though.

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