Strikes-the-Sky, and more questions about Queen of Swords

I have had a lot of questions about Strikes-the-Sky, like this email from another Sara:

I only recenty read your series of books about the Bonner family — something I enjoyed beyond words. But I feel a deep need to know exactly what happened to Strikes-the-Sky. Though his character took up relatively few pages, he was important, and now he’s still a very significant part of Hannah’s past and psyche. What exactly happened? And are you going to publish that story at some point?

Thank you so much for helping me understand!

Yes. In Queen of Swords you will hear in detail about Strikes-the-Sky and what happened to him. Not early in the book, but you will hear. Really QoS is about Hannah coming to terms with her past and what she wants for herself. Things get really rough for her for a while, but (as my agent said, when she finished reading), the resolution makes it all worthwhile.

To summarize answers to the questions I get most often about Queen of Swords:

While this novel focuses on Hannah, Luke and Jennet, there is a correspondence going on with the folks back home in Paradise, and through the correspondence you will hear familiar voices and be kept up to date. And you will see a couple of them, briefly.

Luke does find Jennet (this happens quickly, in the first few pages that have been made public here and elsewhere), and she does survive her abduction.

Beyond those two points, let me say this: in a few month’s time there will be ARCs for Queen of Swords. I’ll try to snag enough copies that I can give away two here.

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  1. I think the most touching part of a book I have ever read was the story of Hannah and her journey home. I cried from the moment she opened her window so her parents could hear her.
    It broke my heart to hear about her son, so hearing more of Strikes the Sky could be enough to do me in I would say. Still, I am looking forward to knowing.

    The characters in these books have become as close to me a real kin; strange how that can happen.

  2. I can’t wait for QOS to come out. It comes out a few weeks after my birthday so I will most likely treat myself to it. I would prefer to buy it from a bookstore, but will most likely have to get it through Amazon since we have a shortage of real bookstores here. Hannah and Jennet are my favorite characters especially since as a reader you experience their growing up years with them. If I can wait seven months to get out of my crappy apartment I can wait for this book J Or at least I will try.

  3. Hi Sara,

    Can’t wait for QOS to come out. I can be patient and wait to find out what happens to Hannah!!!! This is completely off topic, but I had a question about when to start the Farscape series…. I head read quite awhile ago about how much you enjoyed it, and you had advised where to start…. when things begin to progress with the romance…… could you give me some guidance?? Thanks so much!!!! Cathy G

  4. I was completely moved and pulled into Hannah’s relationship with Strikes-the-Sky. Despite the far too few chapters dedicated to their love, their relationship really stuck to me.

    I look forward to knowing more about him (and secretly hope he’s still out there for her).

  5. Every time I think about Strikes the Sky, I think about when he and Hannah first met and how Hannah came to the realisation that she had to be with him. And then her journey home. And then a secret hope that whatever happened, somehow Hawkeye was with Strikes the Sky at the end.

  6. Hi Sara,
    can’t wait for QOS to come out will re read all the others before this one is published theres always something you missed the first time thanks for a great read noticed in one of your books you had a small mention of some characters out of Diana Gabaldons series also a fantastic memorable read.

  7. Sara, I just re-read all of the Bonner novels and low and behold when I clicked on amazon today, there you were on the front page telling me about your blog-how cosmic.
    I just wanted to say that I love your books particularly the historical detail.
    I have one question-I know there’s been a big shake up at Bantam-how has that affected your writing and future projects?

  8. Kate: welcome. I’m glad to know that you weren’t irritated by the Amazon thing, and that you were courageous enough to venture over here.

    Shake up at Bantam — crickey. There was one about six months ago which I survived. Is there something else going on? Let me quote Dorothy Parker: what fresh hell is this?

  9. Sara,

    I’m a senior citizen and have now read your Into the Wilderness series and its fantastic. I have also read Diana Gabaldan’s Outlander series and it is also fantastic. We need more outstanding authors like the both of you who can just rivet with stories. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to the Queen of Swords.

    Will this be this last in the series and if so will you start another great series.

    Thanks for hours and hours of entertainment.

  10. Shake up at Bantam — crickey. There was one about six months ago which I survived. Is there something else going on? Let me quote Dorothy Parker: what fresh hell is this?

    Nope-don’t panic-that’s the one I was thinking about! glad to hear you survived…my poor ms which was in Wendy McCurdy’s hands at the time disappeared somewhere in the dust!

  11. I’m sorry to hear that, Kate. I was sorry to part ways with Wendy, as well. I always got along well with her.

  12. Sara Donati,

    Hi, I loved your ” Into the Wilderness Series, and the Bonner Family, and am waiting on your,”Queen of Swords book. I haven’t read this much since high school and that was a very long time ago, as I am well into my Senior Years
    I had no idea of the books written under the name Rosinia Lippi, I will also have to look them up. Thank you for such wonderful reading material. Anna Brown.

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