story prompt: bully


An Ohio judge came up with a unique punishment for a 62-year-old man who was found guilty of harassing his neighbors over the course of a 15-year feud.

As a punishment, Edmond Aviv will be forced to stand outside on Sunday for five hours with a sign that reads: “I AM A BULLY! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community that I live in.”

South Euclid Municipal Court Judge Gayle Williams-Byers came up with the sentence.

In addition to the sign, Aviv was also sentenced to 15 days in jail, seven months on probation, 100 hours of community service, anger management classes and personal counseling.

Aviv allegedly did some awful things to his neighbors, the Prughs, who adopted two black children with developmental disabilities.

Okay so, where does this story start? I’m thinking the judge might be the central character, but maybe it’s one of the adopted children. Or the bully’s 15 year old son.

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  1. Hmm. I like the idea of having the judge be the central character. It’s funny, because I saw this story on Facebook yesterday, but didn’t actually read the whole thing.

    I’m no writer… but I would see the judge as being tired of his job, blasé, and just wanting to hand out sentences that truly teach people a lesson. Like this case. So not necessarily a comedy, but lots of witty stuff.

    Ugh, I just submitted my LAST paper as part of my Bachelor of Social Work and now my brain cannot muster any wordly sentences. So ya. Hopefully you understand what I’m thinking.

  2. Congratulations on finishing that paper. Once you catch up on sleep I’m sure you’ll feel great. And I do understand what you’re saying. Maybe when you have the time you’ll try this out and see if maybe you are a fiction writer.

  3. I read this in the newspaper. In reality, I’m concerned that the bully will become so enraged at the judge’s abuse of power over him that he will go on a rampage with weapons.

    In that scenario, the bully would be the protagonist and the judge the antagonist.

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