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The comment registration feature needed too much of my time to get it working, so I’ve backtracked. I think I’ve got a simpler solution.

I have already dubbed many of the regular contributors as trusted commenters. Those of you who have the little trusted commenter badge next to your name can go ahead and comment as usual.

If you haven’t commented recently or are new, you can also just go ahead and fill out the comment card, but here’s what will happen:

1. The comment will be held for moderation (by me)
2. I will read the comment.
3. I will use my gigantic brain and stupendous reasoning powers to decide if you are a real person with something to say, or, alternatively, if you have gone over to the dark and evil side, the spammer universe.
4. If you are indeed a real human with something to say, I will immediately dub you a trusted commenter.
5. At that point your comment will magically appear on the weblog, and all future comments will also show up straight away, no further need for moderation.
6. If it turns out you are an evil, no good spammer, I will cast your comment into oblivion and no one (except me) will ever see it. I know you spammers live to inflict pain on others, so consider this a selfless act on my part. I deal with all the spam there so you don’t have to deal with it here.

So are we clear? Basically you can go ahead and comment. There may be a slight delay in your comment showing up you haven’t got your little badge yet, but that will only happen once.


And just because y’all have been so patient and kind and wonderful while I struggled with the spam demons, here’s a little giveaway. Submit a comment to this post. You don’t have to do anything but say hi, but you could, if you like, tell me about your most memorable demon spam encounter. I’ll pick two names at random and those people will get a signed copy of the trade paperback of Tied to the Tracks when it comes out on July 3.

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  1. Hi! I am so very excited about the upcoming release of Queen of Swords. I just started reading your series this summer and I absolutely love it! Your characters and storylines draw me into every detail. I feel, as I’m sure everyone does, that these characters are a part of my own circle of family & friends. I am overjoyed to hear there will be a sixth installment, but also a little sad to see the series end. Thank you for all of these great novels. I know I will be reading and rereading them for many years to come.

  2. I have been re-reading all the “Wilderness” books in anticipation of The Queen of Swords. I’ve been trying to spread them out so that I finish re-reading Fire Along the Sky in September. I just love these characters! I will be at my local Borders on the 30th of October, ready to buy!

  3. I just read your announcement about the 6th book! I can’t imagine how you are going to end it! I bet I will be in tears! I love these books!

  4. Oh, a question for you. Please forgive me if it has been asked and answered before, but I couldn’t find it. Are the “Wilderness” books available in cd form? I’ve never found them at the local bookstore, or my local library. If they have been made into audio books, who is the narrator and where can I purchase them?

  5. Congratulations! I just read the announcement of the new book, and while I am anxious to see it, I am also sad that it will be the last. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Queen of Swords. You have such a gift of making the people and places come to life. I know I am not alone in saying that I feel that all of them are a part of my family, and I can’t wait to see what will happen next. Thank you so much for all the hours of enjoyment you bring with your books. I know I will be reading them over several times in the years to come.

  6. The thought of winning an ARC is very exciting – but in case it doesn’t come my way……is the postcard for a page deal still going???

    I think I read somewhere that the cover in Australia is going to be different to the one in the US – is that true and if so, what artwork are they going to use if not the one you’ve chosen?? Is there any idea of a release date for Aus?? (Sorry about all the questions!)

  7. Ksthy == yes, the signed page giveaway is still going on and will dos o for a couple more weeks, most likely. I’ll give some warning here before I stop it.

    I haven’t seen the Australian art work yet, but I’ll post here when I do. And the book has to come out in Australia within a month of the U.S. publication, by contract. When I have an exact date, I’ll post that, too.

    Glad you found us here. Welcome

  8. wonderful to know the book will be out soon. I have read all the others in the series. I am looking forward to this one.

  9. I am anxiously awaiting the release of your next in the Wilderness Series. What wonderful books and what a great writer. These have been captivating and it’s almost sad when I end a book thinking it’s the end of the series. Wow, one more to go…Please put me in the drawing for an advanced copy of The Queen of Swords.

  10. I loved all the other Wilderness Novels and am excited the new one will be out soon. They transport me into a different time and place. I always feel sorry when I get to the end of the novel. I am sad to hear this will be the last!

  11. I loved all the other Wilderness Novels and am excited the new one will be out soon. They transport me into a different time and place. I always feel sorry when I get to the end of the novel. I am sad to hear this will be the last!

  12. I love your Wilderness Novels,although, it’s torture to wait until they come out. I can’t wait to read The Queen of Swords; please put me in the drawing for the advanced copy.
    On average, how long does it take you to write one of your novels?

  13. Does this work? Spam – the curse of modern life. But I find it comes in trends. I had the porn trend, then the viagra trend, the the cheap software trend, then the green card trend and now it’s back to porn. Do you have a stat tracker on your website Rosina? The terms people use to google what they’re looking for and how they get to you can be very illuminating particularly if, like me you write erotica. There are some strange people out there.

  14. I’m hoping this gets through. It should, because last time I posted I got the little ‘trusted commenter’ symbol beside my name.

    ‘Demon spam’ makes me think of a tin of processed meat product which has plans to take over the world. Sort of like a dalek, but much smaller and with a desire to tempt people rather than exterminate them.

  15. Hmmmmmmmmm. . . all my spam encounters are humdrum and blend together as one big ball of spam (there’s a scary thought.) So I’m just saying hi!

  16. Hello Rosina,

    I have a few different email addresses for different purposes. Hotmail is the worst for spam, all I get is emails selling penile enhancement and stuff like that. However, what I get on yahoo is hilarious. Emails from someone in Europe asking if I would kindly share 10 millions dollars with them because their relative died and they can’t access the money. Do people really fall for that?!?

    I would recommend gmail to everyone. I get ZERO spam and it’s by invite only.

    Good luck with it!

  17. I can’t say that I’ve had any truly memorable demon spam encounters. They’re all sort of just mildly annoying like mosquitos. Of course, like mosquitos, a large amount of demon spam requires more immediate attention and more serious preventative measures.

  18. Hi Rosina, Can’t wait for TTTT to come out in trade paperback! Good for you in getting rid of evil spammers!! :-)

  19. I hope this solves your demon spammer problem. I don’t really have any horrific stories, because I have my comments moderated so that comments with html automatically get rejected. This only occasionally causes problems with my ‘real’ commenters and is easily solved. But I get tons of spam trackbacks. *sigh*

  20. No, don’t put my name in the pot since I’ve already got a signed TTTT.

    Now, the REALLY BIG QUESTION, I’m glad you trust me, but what if I go over to the dark side?

    BTW, really weird, but this thing thinks I’m Anonymous. It knows my name and email in the boxes, but… Oh, well. 2nd time around it knows me. Oh, well.

  21. Spam is eeeee-vil!

    I don’t have any good stories, though. I’m always tempted to take the little letter test off my blog, but I’d hate to get spam. It’s ridiculous how hard it is sometimes to duplicate the viwoejlsnbe or whatever. ;)

  22. I forward all my really vicious spam to Hopefully they (the government) are tracking these guys down and castrating them, or at least shutting down the e-mail address/website. It probably doesn’t work, but it makes me feel better.

  23. I feel your pain regarding the spammers. I have moderated a discussion list over on Yahoo (originally Onelist) for many years. It celebrates an actor that sadly, has been involved in with the law. I started the list way before any of that, but continue to moderate and had to begin accepting or denying every post on that list. It’s a pain, but thankfully there isn’t that much traffic on the list. I was surprised at the amount of inappropriate spamming on a discussion list. People join, just to post vulgar invites to other lists.

    I hope this new system works for you.

    Lisa F.

  24. Hope this gets through. I don’t normally comment, call me shy ;0) I would still like the option though. You never know when I’ll be moved to give you more than what you’ve asked for or even cared to know. Can’t wait to read TTTT.

  25. Ya count me out, Ive bin blessed already(thnx ‘gin) Had a casino shortcut that I couldn’t get rid of, had lodged itself into my registry, other then that I’ve bin lucky..or maybe I’m just not important enuff to get spammed :(,;P

  26. I can relate to your frustration with spam. I agree with one of the other comments – spam seems to come in waves. And, currently I’m experiencing a wave – very frustrating!

  27. My favorite spam experience–my other email account is a school account (I am a Spanish teacher), so we have an (alleged) spam blocker. The email software automatically opens to the last email received. So, of course, I’m in a conference with a parent, opening to the last email they sent me, and BAM! An email from Brandi, super-porn princess. Nothing like a pair of DD spam breasts to break the ice with an irate parent…

  28. I am glad you are able to figure stuff like this out. It amazes me all the talents you have! Have a lovely day.

  29. This may reveal my ignorance in regards to cyberspace, but I can’t see why spammers would blog. I’ve had plenty in my inbox, but I didn’t know they could post. I guess maybe a message with a link attached? I’ve been sheltered! But I would like to have the chance to reply in the future, so please count me in! Thanks.

  30. Spam sucks!

    I got the one from “paypal” telling me my account was frozen until I remedied the situation by giving them my password, mother’s maiden name, etc. needless to say, when I went to the actual site, nothing was amiss. Be careful out there!

  31. No spam stories – there was however, a woman I worked with who was inundated with the spam on all her email addresses. Her first name was Cindy, and she felt it had something to do with her name. I don’t know how that would work. Do spammers seriously select their favourite names and target them? Honestly. Can’t picture it. On the other hand – here’s a writing kernel: spammer who’s mom’s name was Cindy and sister’s name was Ann. Routinely uses those first names on all the iterations of addresses he runs through on the program. When caught, the media discover this quirk when interview after interview with victims outside the courthouse turn up Cindys and Anns. Goes no where, I know. It’d have to be a new or shocking twist on the usual spam email topics to make the story interesting perhaps.

  32. I’ll comment and hope this helps. I have a TTTT hardback on my bookshelf and don’t want to deprive anyone else of the chance to read it.

    Spams is a funny thing…mostly because it’s so completely inappropriate 90 percent of the time that I can’t see how it can possibly be an effective marketing technique. I got one this morning for diet pills, and I’m seven months pregnant.

    And those ones to help improve the performance of my non-existent penis. Very helpful.

  33. Dear Rosina, I will take this opportunity to ask if you know why TTTT didn’t come out in hardback in Australia – I always prefer to buy your books in hardback as I keep rereading them? I have already read TTTT about four or five times and found new things in it each time. (Must admit I really liked Caroline and Rivera. I would really welcome a sequel about their story.)

  34. Lawsy, I HATE the spam. I get all the usual at my home email…some makes it to me through the spam blocker at work. And of course at the Schweig Board we are always having to get rid of spam. It gets absolutely ridiculous! I already have a copy of TTTT and as much as I would LOVE to have your John Hancock on a book I can wait…so let somebody else have the signed copy of TTTT.

  35. Sheena — I’m so glad you like TTTT that much. Thank you.

    As far as hardcover in Australia, I really don’t know why all of my books come in paper down under. But I will ask my agent, and get back to you.

    The trade paperback is a nice edition, much sturdier than a mass market paperback, better paper, too. If that helps at all.

  36. Grrr…spam. :-/ Nothing exciting to say but wanted to earn my “trusted commenter” icon by posting!

  37. Well I’ve just had a quick peek at my work email inbox and have 1,974 spam emails that have ended up in my JunkMail folder since the end of February this year – I HATE the stuff but our IT people are meant to be blocking it, ha! My junkmail folder will maybe help them out when they come around asking questions… who knows.

  38. Trusted commenter eh? Even -I- wouldn’t trust me ;)


    My email used to be listed on our organization’s website. I was plagued with a rash of Singles spam. It started innocently enough, I’d get a couple called Looking for singles in your area? Then it seemed like each day the singles being targeted would be a little narrower, Christian singles, Asian singles, Black singles, Black Christian singles.

    Every day I’d wait for the pinnacle, Black Asian Christian singles. Sadly it never came. What a niche market that’s gotta be eh? ;)

  39. Spam always shows up no matter what. It would be great to be rid of it forever.

  40. I hate spam, sorry you are having so much trouble with it.

    I’d love a signed copy of TTTT!

  41. Always Viagra and strange offers from bizarre countries asking me to send them my information so they can transfer their millions over to me out of the country for a small finders fee. And once something that looked a bit more legit but if that was the case, the lawyer is a crook (HAH!) – some lawyer in some country offered to share an unclaimed inheritance b/c the person they sent the email to had the same last name (an odd one) as the heirs (none of which came forward for the dough even tho they were advertising it like crazy) so if the individual contacted was willing to swear a false affidavit reporting that they were a relation (some cousin far removed) of this guy, the lawyer would do the work and collect and remit to the person. Unlikely – however it did sound like something a lawyer interested in collecting $$ that would otherwise go to the country government might conceivably cook up. I debated reporting the person to that country’s Law Society however I doubt it was a real lawyer – I suspect it was just a more elegant version of the “please help me get my $$ out of this country” letter – all they want is your contact and bank info so they can steal your identity etc.

    Alas – never any porn spam – never – might be interesting.


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