spam spam spamalot, and other things

1. I have closed the comments on all the posts in the s3xs3enes posts, which seems to have helped a lot with the bandwidth/spam problem. For now I’ll leave it at that.

2. There’s this theory of mine: if those people who sit around and figure out ways to get around spam filters put their combined intellect together, maybe they could buy a cup of coffee.

3. Jenny Crusie has a huge long post on her weblog about how great Spamalot was, which she just saw, on Broadway. When we were in Manhattan this summer we couldn’t get anywhere near Spamalot tickets. Well, we could have but at about $400 a pop. Not that I’m jealous or envious or anything small and green like that. Nosirree, not me.

On other fronts, a character is telling me now that she doesn’t want dogs. She was supposed to have dogs, but she’s most insistent that she has no dogs of her own, but fosters rescued dogs until they’re ready to be adopted to permanent families.

But wait, I said to her and she said: no.

These characters, they think they own the joint.