somebody is in trouble…

It’s hard to surprise anybody these days when it comes to spam. You see it coming a mile away. Nigerian prince needs YOUR help. You defaulted on my auction, and I want an explanation now! Your A+ All Whistles and Bells Satellite System 8200x has been shipped. Invoice attached.

I don’t even blink at that kind of thing anymore. In fact, I don’t get much spam because of the way I’ve got email set up.

But yesterday (Thursday) I got something that did surprise me. I knew almost instantly that this was spam, even before I looked at the long header and saw the real sender’s information. What surprised me was that somebody was willing to take on the IRS.

Government agencies do not take this kind of thing lightly. And the IRS has no sense of humor at all. Do these people really want to have the IRS dogging them for the next eon? You know Capone ended up in jail for tax evasion. The law couldn’t get him, but the IRS did.

So I guess I’d have to say that I was a little taken aback by the audacity of these people. It’s not that they are clever or even brave. This is more like more like locking yourself in the closet with a rabid puma. Naked, and empty handed.