some questions and some answers re: the next novel in the series

I had a very kind email today from C.S. in England:

Dear Sara

I would just like to email you to say that I think the ‘Into the Wilderness’ series is just simply fantastic. I have only recently discovered them but have now read (and re-read) all 4 four books and have loved every one. I am now desperate for Queen of Swords! I have read a plot summary of the book on Random House’s website which tells me that the main focus is the Luke/Jennet/Hannah story. But I have two burning questions though which I would be so happy if you could answer: are Elizabeth/Nathaniel/Lake in the Clouds mentioned in the new book or is it completely the Luke/Jennet story? And, is the Queen Of Swords the end of the series or are you planning on writing any more?

As a UK resident, I am planning on pre-ordering the book so that it can be shipped to me straightaway!

Thank you so much for transporting me to a world of adventure and romance!

So let me answer the two questions:

1. While Queen of Swords is primarily about Hannah, Luke and Jennet, you will see something of [two other main characters] at some point. Also, there are lots of letters exchanged so even if you don’t see some people directly, you certainly hear their voices and know what’s going on with them.

2. It had seemed until very recently that this might be the last novel in the series, as publishers are very wary of historical fiction these days an not so keen about investing in it. However, Bantam raised the topic of another novel in the series and so we’re pursuing that conversation. It won’t be quick, I have to warn you, but at this point I can say that it is likely to happen, one way or another.

I’m so glad C.S. has enjoyed the story thus far. For some reason unclear to me, the books haven’t done nearly as well the Brits as it has with the crowd Down Under or here in the States. But I’m ever hopeful that more people will discover the novels, as C.S. did.

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  1. Yay for Bantam being wise enough to see the light that there are millions of happy readers dying for more Sara Donati books!!!! Here’s hoping it all works out quicker than you think! Can’t wait for QOS….and lots more(hopefully)!!!

  2. Cool! I love series, even though I am the most impatient person in the world. Your books cover caught my attention and the fact that it had native Americans in it, got me to buy it. I totally judge a book by its cover.

  3. Yay, another book! I feel so greedy.

    I’m hoping to re-read them all too before QOS comes out. Or even better yet, to listen to audiotapes. It’s a particular pleasure I’ve recently discovered with a new, much longer, commute to work. And although I don’t usually listen to the same types of books I like to read (hard to say why exactly), I think these will prove an exception.

  4. Are historical fiction books not selling as much as they used to sell? I’ve read here and other places that HF is on the decline, so I could understand a publisher not wanting to take on a new author or series, but it seems that they should want to continue the ITW series since your books have done well in the past. I know nothing about publishing, but could someone shed some light on the status of HF in the publishing world, to help me understand better? And if there is indeed a decline, what would the zenith have been? Thanks.

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you something to look forward too. I can’t wait to get QOS in October and savour it slowly but thoroughly.

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