smacked, again

PenguinebitchslapThe last few days have felt a little like this (brought to you via YouTube). I’ll spare you the gory details with one exception: The Girlchild had her second car accident. A small fender bender type of thing, but possible injuries to (and I am not making this up) the passenger in the other car, a 72 year old woman who was being driven home from the doctor, where she had gone to be examined because she had two cracked ribs. Now I’m asking you, how can you differentiate the possible before and after in this case? The seatbelt locked, which worried the other driver. So, police, police reports, the whole shebang. Much of tomorrow will be taken up with putting out fires.

Her last accident was a year ago, almost to the day. Tomorrow we’ll find out if she keeps her license. I’m not sure what to hope for.

In other, happier news, a good friend sent me a whole bag of dark chocolate Kit Kats (along with lots of other goodies). Which I have hidden so I don’t overdose. And finally, Paperback Writer made me snort gingerale with this post.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the GirlChild accident situation. I had two minor accidents the first year or two after getting my license — clipped a parked dumptruck tailgate with the corner of the windshield and hit an embankment while bringing my dog home from the vet. Not my favorite driving moments, but relatively mild consequences considering all the other things I could have hit. I hope things work out ok for you.

    PBW does have that effect, doesn’t she. Must. Never. Have. Beverages. When. Reading.

    Your comment in your “About the Author” section about Sara Donati “living only to write” answers my question about what to do with my pseudonymous self. Not that you intended it to, of course, but I think it’s the approach I prefer to take.

  2. First, with cracked ribs, there should be X-Rays of the little old lady before the accident. Also dr’s reports so that you have a before and after if things get litiguous.

    Second, my daughter who had 4 wrecks before she really, really learned how to drive is actually the best driver in the family. While it was going on I wasn’t sure any of us would survive the learning curve. The last one was when she was in her mid-20’s.

    Hopefully your daughter is moving up the curve quicker.

  3. Hit a older, fat guy on a bicycle once…
    he kinda jelly-rolled up my hood and came to rest against my windshild. Was just starting out thank goodness. So I’m standing there with the cop watching him being takin away and the officer says “thats it, have a nice day” I said “really?” He said “ahh he’s fine just some bumps and bruises” Was a very odd experience, didn’t even get his name.
    PBW always makes me laugh.

  4. My 82 year old mother misjudged a curb last week and took out both tires on the right side of her car. Fortunately, no one was injured and no other vehicle was involved. However, she did abandon her car (she left it blocking the loading ramp behind a grocery store and it was thisclose to being towed), then got into another car with a complete stranger because she couldn’t get me on the phone fast enough. And just when I was thinking my children were growing up and I’d have a bit of freedom…

    Hope everything goes well, Rosina.

  5. I have a male~child that thankfully will turn 20… hopefully the 30th of this month, and i can not believe the insurance premiums, he has had multiple minor accidents, several minor speeding tickets, several accidents, not his fault, one he totaled out the vehicle, that one was his fault, no one was hurt, one person sued from out of state, at the time the person refused to be seen by medics, the police told my son, that he did a great job of avoiding the vehicle, he ended up scraping the side of the back bumper and veered off into the emergency lane. Thankfully we both had the same insurance company and the insurance company just settled for vehicular damage, the person was claiming severve back injuries, and more damage than was reported. He purchased his last vehicle in his name at 19. His insurance premiums are high, and good for him, they will go down a bit this year. I am just thankfully that no one has been hurt, oh he had a vengeful ex-girl friend slash brand new tires and a spare on a SUV. We held out until he was 17 and a half, after driver’s ed, the big delay was that he was caught, without permission driving my car, so he lost six months of not being able to drive on his own. *sigh* it has been a nice quiet year, knock on wood…

    Hang in there, hopefully your girl~child has learned some lessons. It is nerve~wrecking. Thankfully no one really seriously hurt but i would question the woman’s injury… You have a vera thoughtful girlfriend! Thankfully this boy~child is my youngest.

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