shy characters

Here’s something odd. Usually male characters are more difficult to get in touch with, and I have no problem connecting to female characters. Curiosity and Elizabeth and Angeline all babble to me when I’m working on their stories. Nathaniel will talk to me now, but it took a long time for the relationship to mature.

Pajama Jones ((retitled The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square)) is the exception to the rule. John Dodge is very talkative, very willing to have me hitch a ride in his head. Julia Darrow? Not so much. Just yesterday she started to open up. Now, Julia has some issues, but I didn’t think she’d be so tentative with me.

Fiction: something new around every corner.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Lippi, I would never bother you with an e-mail, since I would rather read your words than bother you with mine, but since you asked. I would love to win your new book, I would never sell it or ever part with it. I have read all the wilderness books, and I really enjoyed them and already have Queen of Swords in my shopping cart at Amazon. I’m thrilled to hear that there may be another book after Queen and unlike many of the other readers I’m happy with the letters of Elizabeth and Nathanial and having the story go on with the younger charaters, hey thats life man. I enjoy the web site and check in every day, just to see if you have anything to say, it makes me feel connected to the charaters and I so enjoy your somewhat acerbic outlook, I love that you love books and respect your education and profession. So in closing I would just like to say thank you for your words and works and look forward to Tied to the Tracks regardless if I win the ARC. Carolyn Stucchi

  2. Carolyn — now see, this indicates to me that I made the right decision on how to handle this give away. Because otherwise you would never have introduced yourself, and that would have been sad.


  3. Mrs. Lippi, Thank you so much for making me feel welcome to your site. I think the world of you for being so involved with your site and available to your readers. I think the map is intersting too, it’s neat to see where the readers are located. My husband is even reading the site now, he is trying to figure out a way to help me win the ARC, but I know he just plain enjoys what you have to say. Thanks again for being always interesting, Carolyn Stucchi

  4. Carolyn, crickey. Call me Rosina or Sara, okay? Nobody calls me Mrs. Lippi, because well, I’m not Mrs. Lippi. Lippi is my maiden name.

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