see you Monday

The Girlchild and I are taking a short trip this weekend so I won’t be around. Probably won’t be checking email, either.

We’ll be back in the late evening on Monday. I’ll try to send a postcard or two.

In the meantime, Robyn (flyrobyfly, not the Radiant Robyn) went and put together a big ole myspace page for my books, etc. I’d give you the link but I just messed up the page. Tinkering with a paragraph break, and I broke the whole thing. I’m hoping that Robyn will forgive me and be able to fix it quickly.

The Girlchild doesn’t know about this MySpace thing yet. She will not be happy about me horning in on her territory. She will probably try to run me off, get up a posse of her friends and they’ll all tell me I’m TOO OLD for MySpace and how EMBARRASSING it is that I don’t recognize that without being told.

As I have made a career out of embarrassing her for a good many years, I think the site is safe.

Are y’all working on your Mememe Memes?