scary google is also useful

Google To Archive 244 Years Of Newspaper Articles Online.

Newspapers are one of the most valuable resources for a historical novelist, but they are notoriously hard to find. If Google can really put up 244 years of newspaper articles from papers all over the country, those of us obsessed with the past can dance the tarantella in the streets. As will genealogists, and generally nosy people. Like me.

And still: do they have to be everywhere?

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  1. Wow..yet another reason not to leave the house :/ Is there anything left  that can’t be accessed from the net? S’cuse gotta check out the ferrets on the ferretcam hehe.

  2. I do study genealogy and I’m thrilled about this!  From what I understand it can even include newspapers outside of the USA.  Google is very smart though I am sure someone will one day out do them that’s just the way things go.

  3. Oh, hello. You’re back! Good. I hope things have lightened up for you.Google has changed the way I do casual research. I expect all the newspapers at a few clicks would be wonderful for people who do research via newspapers.Well, not so casual. For instance: Give me all the citations on what Candidate X has said about topic Y for the last 10 years. That certainly might influence my vote. Or given me all the articles in the past 3 years where there has been someone killed in county X due to drunk driving. Or give me all the citations where Daniel Boone wrote an editorial.Wow! This could revolutionize news wherein people could research who said what to understand whether the latest news is based on fact or speculation.

  4. @asdfg:

    Exactly. If the search engine is robust enough, this will be a great tool when it comes to holding elected officials responsible. The end of plausible deniability.

    So I’m really curious about how they set it up.

  5. Without wanting to dispute the general awesomeness of Google’s newspaper plans, a part of me still wonders…will it be as fun as the old-fashioned, paper-based hunt?  (Says she who has been using Google as both a search engine and a verb for years now!)

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