RIGHT HERE: CONTEST FOR Queen of Swords: CLOSED. No more new entries.

Here’s a proverb: Birds of a feather flock together

And here’s the deal:

1. Rewrite it.
2. Be alliterative.*
3. On Wednesday afternoon I’ll open the comments to this post.
4. The comments will stay open for one day and will close on Thursday afternoon.
5. While the comments are open, you can post your rewrite.
6. You have to use a valid email address when you post your comment.
7. One entry per person.
8. You can’t edit your entry once you’ve posted it.
9. I’ll pick one winner. That person will get a free, signed first edition of Queen of Swords.

*Alliteration is not a repetition of letters, it is a repetition of sounds. These phrases are all alliterative:

reason to write
fan of photos
score the school
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
suffering succotash

These phrases are not alliterative even though they start with the same written letter:

see the shell
thwart the twin

Final note: this is actually supposed to be fun. Give it a try, you’ll like it.

41 Replies to “RIGHT HERE: CONTEST FOR Queen of Swords: CLOSED. No more new entries.”

  1. wandering warblers will wend their way assembling with avians whose aspect appears similar in semblance, following in fears (and feathers!).

  2. like-winged warblers are wont to warble with warblers that warble with equal will and alike appearance.

  3. Rosina,

    I have festered and fussed until my faculties formulated a phrase and is now unable to function. Egad! Ok, Ok, here it is.

    Feathered friends fraternize, favoring those with familiar physical features.

  4. The quail quintet quaffed at the quincunx of quaiches. The quartet of quadrupeds were quite querulous toward the quails. “K’witt, k’woo?” queried a quail. The quadrupeds quelled their quarry: “Quiet!” Quailed, the quivering quails quietly quit their quest of quaffing, becoming quiescent.

  5. Well, here’s my attmept at a little humour and imagination – hope you get the Kiwi (as in New Zealand) twist on things!

    Companionable comrades connect through kinky characteristics

  6. Rosina as a linguist and fellow Etruscan American, you may find this amusing because:

  7. A) It might be Wrong and badly conjugated, and possibly just plain pretentious.
  8. Or

  9. B)
    Pokes fun at the sanctomonius right wing agenda.

  10. Similis Pennatus Scelestus Pennipotenti Socius
  11. Empirically speaking, both our parrots hate each other.
  12. Fractured and forlorn feathered fowl find fervent fidelity and faithful friendship following fellow felicitous flyers

  13. Mediocre minds meditate on modernistic manure while faithful followers find fortitude and freedom in their faith.

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