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Andrea writes that she checked and Barnes and Noble, the release date on Tied to the Tracks now reads Tuesday, June 13.

Which is odd, because when I just checked Amazon, it still said June 8. So, confusion reigns, as usual. Just be aware: it is coming out. I promise. And if your local bookstore tells you no, it’s not: you have my permission to smite that person about the head with a wet noodle. Or you could just correct them. Choose one of the following:

A) Pardon me, but you are very much mistaken. This novel was indeed published by Putnum Penguin, and if you cannot be bothered to look into your computer machine with the proper degree of attention to detail, I shall take my trade elsewhere. Good day.

B) I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. I shall go away before I taunt you again.

C) Most likely you aren’t paid very well and you work long hours and people pick on you. I expect life hasn’t been pleasant since the newest Coulter came out, what’s it called? Heartless? Oh yeah, Godless. So I understand, things slip by you. But this book does exist, and in fact, it might be just the thing for you to read too. Cheer you up a little. Go ahead, indulge.

Andrea also mentions that her book group is going to read Into the Wilderness which of course is lovely, and many thanks. Books groups are wondrous things. People talking about books. What could be better?

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  1. Thank you for the laugh. Wet noodle, had to share that one with the family.

  2. just so you know, on my way home from work i stopped at my local borders(in fresno) and there it was, right on the front table, with the prettiest cover of the group :)

    i just finished chapter 1, and i already love miss zula, now i gotta get back to it……

  3. Nooooo! Not the noodle!

    It makes me skin sticky.

    As for your book, while I haven’t received it yet, I fully expect it to show up tomorrow morning (but just in case, I also put in a small hand order ’cause the Momma has requested it as is her wont to do).

    And so far life post Goddless has been fine, most people are waiting for the paperback anyway.

  4. BC: say hey to the Momma, and thanks for keeping an eye out for TTTT. Booksellers and librarians: the very best.

    PS if most people are waiting for the paperback, how is it that C’s book is number one at Amazon? Never mind, don’t answer that. I refuse to give her any more attention. Now, if I weren’t godless (which I am, no argument) I could have some fun thinking up a few god-like punishments for her sorry ass.

  5. Soooo…the paperback(TTTT)comes out how long after,usaully.about,ballpark? For us po joes :D. Tho…OH, another o, I do have Lake in the Clouds in hardcover, very nice, even for the price.Doh!

  6. That is very strange, for I ordered TTTT from Amazon on Wednesday, and it arrived YESTERDAY (surprisingly speedily). So yes, it is indeed available from them. Started reading last night. Enjoying it so far! ;-)

  7. Bruce — paperbacks come out usually someplace six months to a year after hardcover publication.

    Your local library would probably be able to come up with a copy, if you don’t want to wait for the paperback.

  8. Spoke to my bookseller again. I’m in Canada so that’s the issue – apparently the Cdn publication is June 13th – next Tuesday – don’t know why the difference but it could be worse – I could be in Australia and have to wait for August.

  9. Wow, 6 mnths to a year :( ,now I remember why I got the Lake in the clouds in hard-cover :)

  10. I was thinking, right at this second there are thousands of people reading Tied To The Tracks. That must be a glorious feeling. Rosina you are truly blessed as are we all who have enjoyed your stories. You’ve touched us all and made some of us a lil better for it. Congrats on the latest release.
    p.s after I finish a job it sails off into the sunset. Not as rewarding but it makes for a pretty picture.

  11. I stopped in at my local Borders (I live in the sticks, in Kalispell, MT) on Thursday, June 8. The computer said the book was in the store, but darned if I could find it. I popped in again last night, and there it was on the front table (three copies)! Hooray!

  12. Alison — Thanks for letting me know, sweetie. Will you drop a line when you’ve read it?


  13. I went to Barnes and Nobel today so excited to get TTTT and they didn’t have it!!! :(

  14. Jennifer — did you ask about it? what did they have to say? And can you give me a general geographic area, so I can pass this along to my editor?


  15. Ok.. for one I believe the guy working there was a real dunce… He looked it up in the computer and said he didn’t see any such book by that author. I was in there for an hour and didn’t see it anywhere. I asked him to look up to see if they were getting the book in stock and when… He said he didn’t know how to do that. *eye roll*. I asked to speak to a manager and he said he was the only one there.

    Anyway.. I will be calling the manager of the store because they really need to find someone working there that cares to help the customers instead of reading his comic book at the desk.

    It was the B&N in SW Charlotte, NC… On Pineville Matthews road.

    Hope that helps!

  16. That’s an interesting question. I just presumed that these were people Jon read from time to time, or possibly, his writers read the guy, so they coerce the talent bookers to make space or fill with the interesting writers. I can be so naive…hadn’t thought of a well-connected publicist. It’s a bit of publicity on Jon’s part though, too. If he always interviewed famous celebrities, he wouldn’t be able to maintain the profile for intellectual (bordering on geeky?) comedy he performs.

    I love Jon Stewart. I really do. Great book, great show.

  17. Hehehehehehe, your last line is priceless and had me near tears with laughter! Thank you for giving me a giggle on a rainy summers day in the Southern Hemisphere :)

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