reading in my pajamas

This contest originally announced here. Go have a look, see what there is to win. All in celebration of the upcoming release of The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square.

So here we go. I expect some technological hiccups, so I’m starting earlier than planned so I can get it all fixed before Monday.

What you have to do to enter the contest:

Girlchild & Emma1. Take a digital photo of somebody (you, somebody you love or work with, your pet pig, any or all of these). In this photo the subjects must (a) be wearing pajamas and (b) be reading. (Example to the right. Girlchild in blue, ca 1992)

2. The whole process has been simplified.  When you have your photo, email it to me at:

3. In your email you should indicate how you want me to tag your photo. For example:

Please tag my photo with the name Susan G. and the title Bobo and his Books.

4. In your email you must also state the following:

By submitting this photo to the Reading in my Pajamas contest, I agree to the rules, and further I state that this photo is my property. I took it, and I take responsibility for posting it on flickr.

I have to have this statement or I won’t be able to add your photo to the contest or upload it to flickr.

When the contest closes, five finalists will be announced and a winner will be chosen from those five by popular vote. Questions?