reader mail & worries about Jennet

This lovely message from a reader reminds me of something:

Sitting, waiting out here in the North Pacific rain, for QofS to fill the time while my military husband finishes his tour, please ask Bantam to hurry, I have to know if Jennet meets up with pirates and returns to Luke.

You know the paperback of Fire Along the Sky is out there, right? Well there’s a sneak preview of the new novel at the end, and it pretty much resolves any worries there might be about Jennet’s survival.

Not that you need to buy a copy, she said earnestly. You could read it in the bookstore, if need be.

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  1. Sara, is the sneak peek in the back of the book the same as what you posted here a few months back?

  2. The one at the end of the paperback is a couple pages longer, and hence, more revealing.

  3. Dear Sara (Rosina), I want to let you know that I loved all of the Wilderness Novels. I read one right after the other and can’t wait for “Queen of Swords”.

    I grew up and live near the area described in “Lake In The Clouds”, just south of Sacandaga River, Canajoharie and Johnstown. I feel like the characters are people I would meet every day in my town. I am anxious to meet them again.

    I hope the publisher moves quickly!

    I aspire to write my own historic fiction novel one day. How do you research the correct historic information to make the story seem so real? I am always afraid that I am forgetting some important detail that the readers will pick up on. How do you know when it is time to quit thinking and researching and start writing? How do you overcome that fear of failure?

    I already have 2 grandsons, I’m not getting any younger! I have to get on with it soon.

    Thank You

  4. Wendy — you are very kind. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the story thus far.

    I’ll try to answer the rest of your questions in the next couple days.

  5. Sara- I have recently discovered your wonderful series of books about the Bonner family and have been fascinated to read of your connection with the characters from Last of the Mohicans- I thought I recognized a number of those names! The first book I read was Fire Along the Sky, as I ran across it at the library, not knowing there were three more before that one! As soon as I finished it, I read the first three, which I enjoyed greatly. I am now re-reading the last one and look forward to Queen of Swords. One of the parts I enjoy so much in your books is the incredible wisdom, awareness and sincerity with which the Native Americans approach life. Their outlook is one of listening and sharing and great respect for the world around them- so different from many of the characters in the village of Paradise, although the Bonners seem to have absorbed these qualities too. It is uplifting to read of such wise souls. And Curiosity is such a gem too! My question- do you have many Native American friends from whom you learned their approach to life, or has most of this come from reading other authors? Thank you for some marvelous reading adventures! Katie

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