quick! quick! Native French speakers — name that tavern

Still proofreading Queen of Swords, here. By tomorrow I have to come up with the names for three taverns (in the early 19th century sense) in New Orleans. One real tavern was called “The Suckling Pig” but the other two I’m having fits about.

So this is what I need: (1) How to say “The Suckling Pig” in French. (2) Two pub/tavern names in the same vein. Examples: The Three-Legged Dog, the Swan, Bucket of Blood, etc etc.

Those of you with lots of French instruction and a dictionary? Please don’t suggest anything unless it’s the name of a place you absolutely know exists.

Now, the truth is that I can fake this if I have to (in fact, I did fake it, but now in proofreading I find I’m not comfortable with that), but I’d appreciate help getting closer to realistic. If you come up with a name I use, I’ll put you in the acknowledgements.

Ready – set – go.