I’m happy to keep writing about craft and research, if people are finding those kinds of posts interesting and useful. I’m also happy to take up specific subjects, if anyone would like to suggest one or two or more. Otherwise I’ll continue to putter along as subjects occur to me.


2 Replies to “questions?”

  1. I check your website daily so I can see what you have written. To me, a non-writer, your perspective on the art writing is interesting. As are the other topics. I also like the reviews on the side. As far as I’m concerned, just keep on puttering.


  2. Hi Sara!

    I’ve posted here once or twice before just because I thought the subjects you were covering were interesting anyway, but if you’re ASKING then I’d love to hear a little bit about how you go about plotting your stories. Do you work backwards, do you use mind-mapping, do you write bits and pieces and then thread them together…? Any insight would be warmly welcomed… *s*

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