Queen of Swords on the forum

Asdfg has put up discussion questions for the epiloque of Queen of Swords, and there are a couple I would love love love to hear people respond to. Out of authorly curiosity.

The discussion starter is here. A couple of the questions to play with (but not here, please, over there):

Who is the female counterpart to Hannah?
Kit, Luke, Paul, Henry, Honore, Ben, and Edward are all significant characters. Who of these did you find most fascinating? Why?

When I asked for a volunteer to organize the discussion of this novel on the forum, I was hoping for someone who would put up a couple questions at then try to fan the discussion flame. Asdfg went so far beyond that, with such creativity and care, that I am flabbergasted when I look over the discussions. It’s not easy to get something like this moving on a forum — even an active forum, like this one. I certainly couldn’t have done it.

So thanks to Asdfg (more concrete thanks in the form of an ARC of Six and other bits and pieces), and please stop by the forum and express yourself.