Queen of Swords at my doorstep

I just got three copies of the paperback release of Queen of Swords. Another box will be coming soon, but for now, it’s just three.

All of which I will give away, right here and now. And I’ll pay the postage, wherever you are.

If you’re interested, please throw your name in the hat. But first you have to pick one. A hat, I mean. All this talk about hats, we should know what we’re dealing with. So in your comment tell us which hat you think should be our hat, and what you like about it. You can vote even if you don’t want to be included in the draw; just say so.

The four contenders:

Miss SeaboldMitzy
Mrs. CunninghamLady Frawley

38 Replies to “Queen of Swords at my doorstep”

  1. Well, I’m voting for the red-feathered variety! the dramatic colour and boldness of the hat, to me, suits the occasion of a draw; it kind of embodies the suspense and excitement of winning something as fan-tabulous as one of your books… so count me in :o)

  2. I have a copy of the book already and I am not really interested in the hats but…can I have the dog????!!!!???? What a cutie! I am dog crazy at the moment as I very much miss having one (we always had dogs when I was growing up – both pets and farm dogs.)


  3. I like how the dog’s hat is themed. you need your own Rosina hat or a wilderness hat. What would you put on it?
    I’d love a book, so enter me in THAT hat.

  4. I just started reading the Into the Wilderness and I can’t put it down. Bravo!!!!
    I’m kinda fond of the “Mrs. Cunningham” hat (salmon pink). Very Oriental-ish, very simple.

  5. Definitely the dog hat:
    Its cute, and funny, and (most importantly) the model is simply adorable. The models of the other hats just look so lifeless.
    The clincher just has to be that rose.

  6. The dog hat, fer sure. It reminds me of Go Dog Go . . .

    “You you like my hat?”
    “No I do not.”

    Until the very end, when the dog replies that . . . “I like that party hat!” before they say good-bye.

    This hat, is definitely the party hat. :)

    Must have read it a gazillion times to each kid.

  7. Oh, the dog hat. Definitely the dog hat. It’s the only one with any soul. The others look so…empty…sad. The dog hat makes me smile.

  8. Well, I will have to pick the dog hat as well. The fire hydrant on the top was the clincher for me. Please throw my name in for the drawing. Thanks!

  9. No one has chosen the black hat with the exceptional feather, so I feel I should! I certainly can’t see myself wearing it, but it is sophisticated and charming and it would represent the website beautifully!

  10. I suspect I am voting for the dog rather than the hat but who can resist. I throwing in the green hat with the dog biscuit trim!! Thanks.

  11. Love the dog hat. The fire hydrant and dangling doggy treats cracks me up. And the model is adorable. If I wore that around my house, I’d be very popular, if not pinned to the floor by a pack of slobbering pooches. Please throw my name in the dandy dog hat.

  12. I’m going to have to vote for the dog hat because let’s face it, anything is better with a puppy. And please put my name in the dog hat for the drawing.


  13. I’ll have to go with the dog. If you were to look at it quickly, you would think puppy got a little tipsy and put a lampshade on his head.

  14. Well, I’m a dog lover…so my vote is for the dog hate. Plus it makes me laugh with that fire hydrant right on top, I think whoever wears it will certainly get noticed.

  15. Hello,
    In honor of my mother’s dog Frosty the white “mop dog”; the dog hat would be a perfect fit. For myself I really like the black hat. There is something about a feather that really makes a hat and it reminds me of Katherine Hepburn in My Fair Lady–very sophisticated. I would love a book. I have recently gotten into your books and have read all but Queen of Swords. I want to thank-you for many tiring days–since I can’t put them down at night!! Your books are the kind that you just can’t stop reading!

  16. The red one. I love the textures in it and that’s one of my favorite colors!! (Don’t enter me in the drawing, I’ve already won stuff from you.)

  17. Definitely the dog hat:

    1) the dog is a wonderful model and is carrying off a difficult hat with style and panache

    2) Note the hat has dogs on it as well and yet you don’t feel as if there’s too many dogs in the picture and how many humans could carry off a hat with humans on it??

    3) the dog obviously is a ham and deserves every vote it gets for the hat.

    4) Give that dog a cookie!!!

    Me (really a cat lover first and foremost but married to a dog lover for 21+ years)

  18. The pink hat with the black cord (cord?) detail caught my eye. It’s a simple design, with good colors, and I like how it sits low, slightly obscuring the eyes.

  19. I vote for Lady Frawley (red feathers) because it’s out there. It would take a very bold and confident women to wear it, everything I hope to be one day.

  20. I like the pink hat because pink is my favourite colour. And it does have a little oriental influence…

    Enter me in the draw pretty please :)

  21. I’m torn between Miss Seabold & Mitzy hats. Ok, I choose Miss Seabold, oh and a paperback version of QOS too… Please…

  22. I vote for the pink hat- how do I win a Book? I love the Wilderness books- When will the next one be out?

  23. I prefer the rose straw one. You don’t get a feel for how dramatic crownless hats are unless you see them from the back. Plus no plumes could fall out when you turn it upside down…

  24. I would definitely vote for the pink hat. I like the way it partially hides your face and I also like the plainer look, maybe a different color. I would very much like to throw my hat in the ring for a chance at the signed paperback copy of Queen of Swords. That is the only one in the series that I haven’t ready yet.

  25. I think it should be a large straw hat with a slightly rolled brim. The hat should have a beautiful 2″ colorful, satin sash tied around it and crafted in a stylish bow in the back. Very chic!

  26. I vote for the red feathered hat because it reminds me of the luscious cover on the Queen of Swords hardback. It also reminds me of a brothel, and hey, there’s a brothel in Queen of Swords. Ha ha.

  27. I would like to throw my name into the red hat. The hat reminds of the poem about getting old and wearing purple and a red hat (poem entitled ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph). Both the poem and the hat make me smile.

  28. The dog is really, really cute! But hat wise, I vote for the red, fathery number. And would these paperbacks be signed by any chance?

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