Queen of Swords ARC giveaway: sorry, I forgot

I’ll get it organized and up by tomorrow, I promise.


Listen, people. I am very touched by all the fervor around this new book. It means a great deal to me. But I have a total of ten ARCs. Ten. One I keep. Four are promised to people who were readers or otherwise involved with research. My parents-in-law want one. That leaves four copies to give away. Four.

I want everybody who really wants one to have a fair shot at a copy. The only way I can think to do that is (1) to restrict the competition to those who haven’t yet won something here; and (2) to come up with some moderately easy trivia question and then to send the copy to the first person to post the correct answer.

Any questions?

I will post the trivia question tomorrow at about noon, Pacific Standard Time.

10 Replies to “Queen of Swords ARC giveaway: sorry, I forgot”

  1. I’m dying to see how Queen of Swords is! I can re-read the Into the Wilderness novels over and over and never tire of them. Very well written, and some of the very few books I treasure. Sometimes I can’t find out where my books end up, cause my sister and mother always take the books from me to read. You’re a good writer keep it up, I’d love to see how many more awesome books you come out with!

  2. I don’t think I can wait until October. What do I have to do to be considered for an andvanced copy? You can have anything except my child.

    Shannon in Santa Clarita

  3. Woohoo! Sounds more than fair…so excited! I’m getting better at this whole patience thing, really I am. ;) On the bright side, my birthday is next week so at least that’s something, right?

  4. Rosina. I think that all of your points are more than fair. You must feel like a mother with about a hundred two year olds fighting over one cookie right now (ME INCLUDED).

    Kristina Lynn

  5. hiiiilarious. i’ve seen the babies one, always good for a giggle. hadn’t seen the others, though, thanks!
    when i get bored, i go on YouTube and watch episodes of old tv shows. one week at school, i watched every episode of Boy Meets World that there was on YouTube. fun!

  6. I was feeding my baby on my lap while the babies were laughing. She had to watch. Stoicly, I might add. More like the baby with his thumb in his mouth. The dogs – some of that seemed like a bit of “human torture” as in, the dogs training the humans. But the last little pup made me laugh out loud – so sweet, thanks!

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