PW likes Pajama Girls

The Publisher’s Weekly review of Pajama Girls is already in print, and it is really good.

The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square
Rosina Lippi. Putnam, $24.95 (368p) ISBN 978-0-399-15466-9
Southern hospitality and sweetly loose-lipped neighbors ooze from the pages of the sparkling latest from Lippi (Homestead). John Dodge is a traveling man, rescuing small businesses around the country to flip for a profit. When he finds himself in Lamb’s Corner, S.C., to take over a stationery store, he is greeted by some kooky Swedes building an automotive plant and an observant young girl who is determined to uncover his past, among others. Dodge, as he calls himself, befriends Julia Darrow, the owner of a fine linens store who is always in her pajamas. Julia is secretive and mysterious, but Dodge cannot ignore his attraction to her. He doesn’t plan to stay in Lamb’s Corner very long, and it becomes apparent that Julia can’t leave. Lippi’s characters are heartfelt and pricelessly named (one 10-year-old boy is called “Bean Hurt”). While the novel moves slowly, it’s never shy of drama: Lippi makes a great story out of how a hardcore wanderer and an agoraphobic come together. (Feb.)

They got some facts wrong (Bean is short for Beatrice and Scriveners specializes in antique pens) — but I’m really pleased with this review over all.

We’re off to a good start, review wise.

13 Replies to “PW likes Pajama Girls”

  1. Let’s hope other reviewers read that and decide to go competitive and put out an even better review. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Can’t wait until it comes out. Will the release date be the same in Australia as in the United States?

  3. Congrats Rosina, it’s always nice to get started on great reviews — here’s hoping the books sell like crazy. Any idea of release date in Australia?

  4. How wonderful! Too bad they made a few mistakes, at least they were minor. The release date seems so far away, but looking forward to it all the same!

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