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  1. I never saw the LOTR so may I assume the size of his feet have something to do with the movie. Because I was told to look at the size of men’s feet for “cough” other reasons ;)

    I am glad she is safe, sound and having fun!

  2. No reason to hang your head in shame, silly. I wouldn’t know about Hobbit feet if I hadn’t been dragged off to see the movies myself.

  3. Never read or saw LOTR. One day when I am finished all the books that I have planned on reading I might just give it a try.

  4. Saw some of LOTR, but never read them. If you like fantasy though, check out the Wheel of Time series. I just started and can’t put it down.

  5. I’m looking forward to Pajama Jones oops sorry out of habit, I mean The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square.

    As for the TTTT paperback, that’ll be great, it’ll get more people to come over to the forum and participate hopefully in the discussion of the book!

  6. Looking forward to the release of the trade paperback of TTTT!!

    I like the new title, The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square, it’s quite catchy!!!

  7. The new title sounds light-hearted and fun. Looking forward to it. Readers will get to discover the term “pyjama jones” between the covers, I presume? (I hope)

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