prompt: who lives here?

creepy stairs
Creative Commons License photo credit: i eated a cookie

As I see it:

Mr. Bertie Saunders was born  in  1911 in this house where he still lives. He was the last of six healthy children in a noisy and congenial family.  He was sickly as an infant and the doctor told his parents he was unlikely to live to his first birthday.

In his ninety-some years Bertie has lived to bury one great grandfather, four grandparents, his father, his mother, his stepfather, three brothers, two sisters, three wives, four children, two step-children, six children-in-law,  one grandchild, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

He has no living relatives.

Mr. Saunders spends all his time drafting and redrafting his will, in which he leaves all his worldly goods (the house and all its contents and a coin collection worth an estimated $1.3 million) to different charities.

Bertie is ready to go as soon as Jasper, his fifteen year old cocker spaniel, makes the first move.