Poll: Your Favorite Men



I tried to post this on the GH discussion forum but things went haywire, so here it is.  

This is just for fun. Note:

  • Nathaniel is missing. I’m going to assume he’d get everybody’s vote, so I asked him to step aside. He didn’t mind at all.
  • The men are in no particular order, and I did that on purpose.
  • Just the Wilderness novels and The Gilded Hour men are represented.
  • You can vote for two, and only two, men.

If there’s somebody I should have put on this list (I’m almost sure there must be) please say so in the comments. In fact, any comments at all are welcome.

I plan other polls (and I’m open to suggestions on more):

  • Your favorite women
  • Character you’d like to have dinner with
  • The worst of the bad (men and women who you love to hate)
  • The person you’d most like to see star in his/her own novel

I’m really looking forward to your comments.

Your Favorite Guys

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