photos that tell stories


crossing the country

Carrie Lofty has a wonderful post up about older photographs and the stories they bring to mind. She also has links to some great sources for these photos.

This photo isn’t nearly as interesting when it comes to brainstorming story ideas, but I ran across it today when I was sorting through things, and it jumped out at me. In the summer of 1986, the Mathematician and I — still in grad school — drove across the country. We had next to no money, and stayed with friends where ever we could and we ate a lot of pizza and fast food. I have such vivid memories of that road trip, including this day. It was late afternoon when we drove from Carlsbad, New Mexico to Texas through the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. I took this photo while we were at a rest stop. I never thought it would turn out as well as it did, but looking at it now I can remember the smell of the coming storm in the air. Maybe there is a story here after all.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image, if you like.