party game, and the first chance to win QoS

There’s a game called Probable Proverbs which is actually quite fun. The website where I first learned about this game (quite some time ago, now) provides lots of examples. You take a proverb:

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

And arrive at an alternate that is alliterative. Examples, credited to their authors:

  • Rating a reading by its wrapping is rather reckless. –William Flis
  • Base book by binding? Blockhead. –J. L. Mandelson
  • Articulate authors aren’t always appealing in appearance. –Kathy Shipley
  • Vying to validate a volume’s verity via it’s visage is a voided voyage. –Rex Stocklin

Note that it’s the sound at the beginning of the word that’s important rather than the way it’s written, and there’s lots of room for creative reinterpretation.

So on Monday I’m going to post a proverb, and anybody who is interested can play the game. I won’t open comments until Wednesday, so you can go away and think about it for a while. As of Wednesday you’ll be able to post your alternate in a comment.

Who decides on the winner? You guessed it: I’m the decider. That person will get a signed first edition first printing of Queen of Swords. I’ll send it anywhere in the world, airmail, so it should arrive well before the official pub date.

Now, if you’ve got a proverb you think would lend itself to this game, drop me an email. Do NOT post it here.* You never know, I might use it. In which case, you’d get a signed copy, too.

*if you post proverbs in a comment to this thread, they are automatically disqualified and will be deleted.