pardon me while I… whooopeee!

We are now on the new server, and things are looking good. That is a great relief, no? Also good news… but first, a question:

Do you get tired of me talking about what’s going on with Pajama Girls? It occurs to me that maybe I’m overestimating your interest. But there is something I want to share (good news) so here it is:

Woman’s Day Magazine (with a circulation of about oh, 43 gazillion) has a list out in its new issue (and on its website) called Ten New Must Read Books and the first one on the list is, yes, Pajama Girls. Below is a screenshot from the website slide show of all ten titles. It’s too small to read, but click on it to go to the actual webpage.

Did I say this is good news?

Later this evening (in case you were wondering) I’ll post about the status of the pajamarama contest, and also about the upcoming meme.

Woman's Day Magazine February 2008

8 Replies to “pardon me while I… whooopeee!”

  1. That is wonderful news. And not just on the list…but on the very top. Congratulations Rosina.

  2. Heavens no! Please continue to talk about Pajama Girls. Congrats on making the Must Read list.

    Congrats on the new server.

  3. I’m glad to hear about Pajama Girls, please keep it up, and congratulations on being top of the list! That is great news.

  4. Congratulations! And I’m always interested in how books do for authors whose blogs I read. It’s like watching a child’s progress through school. Best of luck and many sales!

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