So, no comment? You love it, you hate it, you didn’t notice. This is like getting my hair done and waiting three days for the Girl and the Mathematician to realize that it’s a completely different color.



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  1. Yes I noticed, I just wasn’t sure how I felt about it and I still don’t. It’s certainly different that’s for sure.

  2. Ah… I was all confused when I read your post just now. Then I cleared my cache. Tah-dah!

    The pic has this… um…
    …luring/enticing look to it. In that “Come ‘ere husband of mine and check out my nice hips and behind” sort of way.

    I like how you put your work in progress in your header now. I was quite fond of the QOS one.

    The books along the side look really nice too.

  3. Well I was going to comment yesterday, but there wasn’t an appropriate place for it. I like it. I’m imagining her with a top hat and cane dancing to a jazzy little number. But Danielle’s husband theory makes me laugh…

  4. thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. sometimes when I can’t sleep I play with graphics, and you see what comes of such excursions.

    at least nobody seems to really hate it, which is a relief. And Danielle had the reaction I was looking for.

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