Pajama Jones pub date; and TTTT in trade paperback

asdfg wanted to know why the delay on the pub date for Pajama Jones, so here’s the situation as I understand it.

The publisher has a whole stream of books they are getting ready to release, and some complex formula to decide about timing. Mostly the marketing people have the upper hand in this negotiation. I had thought they would release PJ at the same time the trade paperback edition of Tied to the Tracks comes out, but they decided not to go that route, for reasons unclear to me.

release date
I can’t say this with authority, but my guess is that when TTTT is released in paperback, they’ll be watching closely. If it does really well, they might move up the pub date for PJ.

This is all guess work, but it is based on close observation over many years.

So if you want PJ earlier, tell friends about TTTT in paperback.