Sal Towse (who won the pile o’ books) has a weblog, and on her weblog I found a link to In Passing, which is a collection of things overheard in public. I’ve mentioned before how useful it is to keep track of conversations you hear for story ideas. in Passing has archives going back about five years, and many of them are simply priceless.

Spend some time browsing over there the next time you need a story idea.


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  1. toi, you pusher. I readconversation snippets last night and here I am in the morning reading it with my coffee and I bet anything I’ll still be reading it tonight.

    “I’m done with this section, you can have it.”
    “Any good news in there?”
    “It’s just the obituaries.”
    “Anyone we hate die?”
    –Two elderly men reading newspapers at A Cuppa Tea

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