Over at LibraryThing

Thingamabrarians-1… a lot is happening. Tim has been introducing new features right and left. Some of them still need tweaking, but on the whole? Amazing. Just amazing.

If you have a look at the works page (a ‘work’ is composed of all editions of a particular book) for Pride and Prejudice, you can see the potential. There are (or will also be) Author Pages which will assemble information on the individual’s body of work. As I said, there are still some small problems but it’s getting better every day.

There’s a Google discussion group for people who are interested LibraryThing, its use and potential and future. One of the regulars on that board is Bob (he’s got a public library catalog too). Bob came up with the moniker of Thingamabrarians for those of us who are very involved.

Click on the Thingamabrarian and his dog if you want to have a look at my library catalog. then clicking on ‘tags’ will take you to another screen, and if you click on ‘tag cloud’ you’ll see how things are distributed for us as a household.

One of the most interesting thing to do in LibraryThing is to explore tags, to see how people catagorize various books. There are some funny ones, some insightful ones, and many that mean something to nobody but the person who coined them.