one more thing about the cover art…

Some people have commented that the shift from one type of cover (the landscapes for the first four books in the series) to this very different approach is a little disconcerting.

Bantam is thinking — that means, this is by no means a sure thing — of repackaging all the books with new covers in this style. I love this idea and hope it comes to pass. I have specific ideas for the covers of each of the books.


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  1. Oh my goodness? Does this mean they may be re-released in hardback with the new covers? That would be so great as I don’t have the hardbacks for the first two!!

  2. Can’t say I’m too thrilled about it (unless QOS is released with a cover similar to the previous ones).

    I have all the hardcovers in the current cover designs – and now they won’t match. :(

  3. Should have said more clearly — most likely, if they are redesigned/rereleased it would be in trade paperback format. You know, bigger than the usual paperbacks.

    But this is ALL v.e.r.y. UP IN THE AIR. Not in any way a sure thing.

  4. Maryrose — I do know what you mean about things matching. I’m like that myself. But you know, this cover is much closer to what I had hoped for from the beginning, so I’m looking at the bright side, here.

  5. I have to confess, I am VERY into my books matching. However I’d be more than willing to buy all of the wilderness series again as I’ve read the first two to tatters, the third is holding together and the fourth is new enough to look good, but I’m sure it’ll soon take on a very used look.
    I would be interested in having posters made of the original landscape artwork. I’d love to put it up in frames around my house because they put me in the frame of mind the books create.

  6. Love it! I’d be very excited for them to reissue in trade paperback format. I’m ashamed to admit that I first found them in the library, so I never actually bought the first three. Very fond of books matching. Well worth the investment!

  7. I must admit I don’t care about covers very much. Unless they are so terrible I’m embarrassed to be seen with them on the train. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate a good cover when I see it, but it doesn’t seem to effect my decision to buy a book. That said your new potential cover looks terrific.

  8. Sometimes I wear colors that don’t match, just because I want to. So, it is fine for me that the covers don’t match. And, I think the newest cover is hawesome!

    I cannot remember how I came to read the first book in the Wilderness series, so I don’t know if I was influenced by the cover or not. I might have been. After reading it, though, I was hooked! So the other books could have been wrapped in brown paper, I would have bought them.

  9. Same here. For Queen of Swords it wouldn’t matter to me what the cover looked like. I would still be buying it!

    It will be great though to have all the books released with similar covers though.

  10. Great idea. If they did this, it would be interesting to see if it made any difference in sales.

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