one more dialog prompt

Because this one is too good:

“It got me to thinking. Am I as much a disappointment to him as he is to me?”

This particular prompt gives me shivers. There’s so much buried in those two sentences but at the same time I get a sense of foreboding. As if I were standing in front of a door, curious about what’s on the other side and terrified, too.

I’m not sure why this bit of dialog sounds so ominous to me, but I get the definite sense of something awful about to happen.

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  1. An invite to attend a High school reunion arrives at the home of Mr. and Mrs. such and such. Mrs. is preparing excuses for not attending and is surprised when Mr. shows signs of not wanting to attend either.

  2. Not so ominous – Snuggles is looking imperiously from his comfy couch seat, the pet psychologist is patiently listening to the owner (standing in the middle of the room, wringing their hands) explaining why they think Snuggles needs help.

    The next question, from the pet psychologist will be “And just how does Snuggles disappoint you? Because if it’s as bad as how you’ve behaved, well,” and here, the psychologist gives a sharp look over at Snuggles, who bows his head only slightly, although the tail is tucking further under his seat now, “well then, we’ll be needing to book a double session.”

    The owner looks relieved, says “I’ll leave you to it, then, shall I?” and the psychologist pats the seat arm to her right – “Oh, no, take a seat right here.”

  3. I saw this as the thought of a girl in the passenger seat of a car. Her dad is driving her somewhere; maybe she totaled her car or was caught cutting school with her boyfriend or something. She looks over at his profile staring out at the road, and that’s her thought…

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