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bridgette wrote:

I’m just wondering about your little note, stating that from your editor The Endless Forest will not be published until early 2010. Why is that so small of a note on the website but no explanation? I dont mean to be rude but we were all
looking forward to this book, first I heard it was Feburary 2009 that we would see the book, now another year? I check your website everyday and there is absolutely nothing regarding the book, obviously most of the people who come
here are for news on the book. Help us out.

I was surprised, reading this email, that anybody might feel underinformed. I’m always worrying that I go on too long about details, and I certainly have posted enough about Book Six over the last months. Mostly whinging and tearing of hair, but I have tried to provide you all with a basic understanding of what’s going on.

So a couple things.

You can find all posts that mention Book Six by clicking on the appropriate tag: The Endless Forest (Book Six). If you would like to wander around via tags, a cloud of them is to be found in the tabs at the top of the main column.

I have never stated or claimed that the book would be out in February 2009. Bantam may have said so, but publishers are notorious for their wishful thinking.

Book Six was late, something that  I wrote about many times. Missing deadlines is not something I take lightly, but I tried not to provide too much information on my laundry list of personal catastrophes that stretch back over the last two years.

You all  found out that the pub date was December 2009 the same day I did. As soon as I got the note from my editor moving the pub date from December 2009 to early 2010, I put that up here in an obvious spot. I suppose I could have posted about that, but I wasn’t happy about the change, either, and things to say didn’t come to mind beyond: damnit.

But for those who feel underinformed, let me say again: the book is in production. Cover art and endpaper maps are being created. Marketing plans are being laid down.  Copyreaders are sharpening pencils. And: I’ll let you know as things happen.

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  1. Well that’s a disappointment. Especially since I always ask for books for Christmas. Much better to have other people buy hardcover books for me, than to buy them myself! But thanks for the update.

  2. Rosina, I think you’ve done great giving us information — but I do understand readers being anxious — your books are like friends we’ve been waiting a long time to see — whenever this book — or your next one — or the one after that — comes out, we’ll be ready to celebrate!!

  3. At the end of the day, the book will be out when it is out. And be really enjoyed by those who enjoy your books. And you have done your bit – thanks so much for sharing your gift – and now we all have to wait for those who are in control of the rest – with baited breath nonetheless. For myself, the wait will be worth it.

  4. Well, it’s a bummer all around when a book is delayed. A bummer for the author and the reader alike. At least it’s coming though. Right? ;) I think that we’re pretty lucky at readers and fans to have an opportunity to interface with you and to get information straight FROM you. Thanks for all of your work here, but thanks especially for sharing your wonderful stories with us and for the enormous amount of time that you take to do so.

  5. I am happy to wait for years if need be. I will keep track of time by re-reading all the previous so that I will be sure to be up on of all the story lines :)

    Thanks Rosina!

  6. Maybe we get used to having follow-up stories come out much sooner than ever before. I think of the past modes of commercial storytelling (magazine serials, tv series (Who shot JR!?!)) and then I think of how these days, people are rehashing episodes of popular TV shows pretty much while the episode is airing, and anticipating the next one by writing about it, talking about it and imagining the outcome before it hits. The writer’s strike in Hollywood/U.S. was an eye-opener, I thought. Just makes me think.

    I think you provide quite a lot of insight into your work, and this gives me something to think about while appreciating the story at the end of the wait. Thanks!

  7. Whenever Book 6 comes out…I will be waiting! I am so excited to see what happens to the Bonner family. I love your style of writing. I hope you continue to write more historical novels. Thank you so much!

    1. Carol — Thank you. Your support is much appreciated as I work my way toward… not quite sure yet. But there’s something historical brewing.

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