oh, the pressure

I’ve got an urge to hide in the back of my closet with a big bar of chocolate. And why, you’re wondering. Or maybe not, but I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s not the deadline for getting the first pass proofs of QoS back to the publisher; it’s not the deadline for finishing Pajama Jones. Or at least, these things produce the normal day to day pressure that I can (usually) cope with.

The source of my wanting to hide in the closet has to do with the fact that Tied to the Tracks is about to come out. This is always the worst time. Waiting for reviews is never fun. And today the publicist emailed me with news about what she was up to (all good stuff, yes) to ask that I keep her in the loop about whatever publicity/marketing stuff I was doing for Tied to the Tracks.

Now, see. Beyond posting here once in a while, I’m not really doing anything to promote Tied to the Tracks because well, I’m busy with the next book. And then today Fuse#8 posts about a small press book that has hit number one on Amazon before it even came out because of the efforts undertaken by its blogging author. Now I feel like a slacker.

And on top of that, over at the Smart Bitches there’s a discussion about ARCs being sold (on ebay and elsewhere), about unscrupulous reviewers making a buck off ARCs, and how authors feel about that. A rather sharp discussion has broken out in the comments. Some readers are disgusted with us authors. Authors have no right to be angry about the ARC issue; we are all whiny babies, some of those commenters tell us, and we should get over ourselves.

A thought comes to me. A crazy but perhaps ingenious idea. A cyber fistfight, a hair-pulling screaming cursing girl rumble between me and an angry Smart Bitch commenter. Now, that’s what I call publicity. It’ll get picked up on the news services, and people will click there way here to watch the bloodshed. What’s this all about? they’ll ask, and somebody will tell them: this new book, see. Tied to the Tracks, it’s called. And there’s something called an arc. I heard a guy say it’s some kinda sequel to that Raiders movie, Harrison Ford’s gonna play the lead. You wanna buy a copy, you’d best get moving, bub. I hear they’re all sold out at Amazon and Barnes and Noble too. Look at the way those two are going at it. I ain’t seen a spectacle like this in years, I tell ya. Years. Must be some book.

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  1. Rosina I think its funny that you have posted this message, because I was going to ask if you were going to do a book tour for any of the many new books, but my firewall broke and I couldn’t get online earlier today. If you do and you come to the LA area I am so there. By the way, I hide in the kitchen with my chocolate, I think I look more casual there than in a closet, what chocolate? Carolyn Stucchi

  2. Reese Peanut Butter Cups from the freezer fix everything. I am sure they’d do a book tour, sign a zillion copies of TTTT, review it well, and buy a ton of copies for you. Frozen Reese Cups… try it. (I swear they keep my house in line.)

  3. I was just commenting to Sarah that I haven’t seen a knock-down drag-out war on SBTB in a good long while. People sure do have strong opinions about the legality and ethics of selling ARCs….

    A rumble between you and a Smart Bitch commenter would be interesting. Ouchy, but interesting.

  4. Sending you virtual chocolate. The good dark stuff. With crunchy wafers in it as needed. (Extra dark Bahlsen Afrikas are perhaps just the thing, a KitKat for grownups.) Or do some other thing nice for yourself… maybe join the Bacon of the Month Club? At least watch some Farscape. All will be well, honey. Really.

  5. Okay, I posted your blog to my 100+ quilt list, where we have talked about the Wilderness series, and where you have a number of fans. They didn’t know Sara was a pen name. They didn’t know about the Rosina Lippi books. Now they do. Maybe that’ll get you a few more sales. =)

  6. Susan — thank you so much for your help, and please tell the quilters hey from me.

    And to the rest of you who sent virtual chocolate, you are friends indeed.

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