the dreaded question

This always happens, and I know it’s a compliment, but believe me, this makes any author’s heart fall. A posting from Nancy B:

I just finished Fire Along the Sky, and feel empty. I have nothing to look forward to now! When will Queen of Swords be ready?

I really don’t even know how Fire Along the Sky is being received, yet. This month I will get nothing done on the next book in the series at all. It’s like having a new baby in intensive care, really. Will it be okay? Is it healthy? Why don’t I hear more details from the doctors? And while you’re chewing your fingernails in real anxiety and worry, somebody taps you on the shoulder and says, wow, that’s a beautiful kid. When are you going to have another?

So I do appreciate the sentiment, really, but I have no answer for you. Not unless you can provide me with a real prognosis for this newest production I’m worried about.

I’m off to a wedding half way across the state, but tomorrow I have plans for a longer post.