the dreaded question

This always happens, and I know it’s a compliment, but believe me, this makes any author’s heart fall. A posting from Nancy B:

I just finished Fire Along the Sky, and feel empty. I have nothing to look forward to now! When will Queen of Swords be ready?

I really don’t even know how Fire Along the Sky is being received, yet. This month I will get nothing done on the next book in the series at all. It’s like having a new baby in intensive care, really. Will it be okay? Is it healthy? Why don’t I hear more details from the doctors? And while you’re chewing your fingernails in real anxiety and worry, somebody taps you on the shoulder and says, wow, that’s a beautiful kid. When are you going to have another?

So I do appreciate the sentiment, really, but I have no answer for you. Not unless you can provide me with a real prognosis for this newest production I’m worried about.

I’m off to a wedding half way across the state, but tomorrow I have plans for a longer post.

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  1. I finished Fire Along the Sky yesterday and promptly picked it back up and started reading it again. I don’t feel empty; I feel full to the brim, knowing these characters so much more than I did before! Hannah always has been and always will be my favorite character, and it was very difficult to go through all these painful things with her. I think the book will be received very, very well because it’s a beautiful piece of work and very true to the series as a whole. And when I picked it up at Barnes and Noble I noticed several other people doing so! Great job Sara!

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. What I really want to know is if you had started Queen of Swords when you finished FAS (Like Steven King wrote his last two books in the Dark Tower series). Now I know that you haven’t. I also remembered that you have been writing other books as well as writing the Wilderness series. Don’t worry, I will reread the Wilderness series again before the next one come out.

  3. All I can say is holy cliffhanger, Sara!

    Well I will say something else, I started the book on Thursday, and I spend last night (Friday) the first day of the holiday weekend ignoring my newlywed husband and finishing the book. (he was playing computer games and the olympics (taped, obviously) so he was not too put out.

    Very beautiful, can wait for more, but it is hard for me to be patient.

  4. I’ve just finished Fire Along The Sky. All I can say is…It was beautifully written and very sad. I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much on any other book. There were so many deaths that I kept dreading to turn the page hoping nobody else would die. Hannah’s story was so emotionally draining I had to put the book down and compose myself. I’m eventually going to read the book again but for now I think I’ll let my heart take a break from too much emotion. Wonderfull job Sara!! No other book has given me so much!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL WRITING!!!

  5. i know i didn’t feel empty when i read FATS but only because it was the first book i had read. I immediately went out and bought the first book. I currently have it in my TBR pile. I figure if i hold out long enough i can space out the first 3 books of the series til the 5th one comes out. lol

  6. I started FaS Monday at lunch. I finished it last night, but only because I stopped reading it on Thursday – I wanted to savour it and keep the book from ending, but that would be like trying to stop the earth from rotating.

    When I realized about 3/4’s of the way through FaS that some things may not be resolved until QoS or may never be resolved, my first instinct was to ask when QoS would be finished and published.

    Then I realized it didn’t matter. Even if there is never another ITW book, there are the four books and they are wonderful.

    I often feel empty after finishing a book, and once, when I told this to my 14 yr old son, he said to do what he did when he finished a book he really loved (which is pretty well everything he reads) “Mom, just start the book all over again.

    I may not start FaS over again for awhile, but it sits on one of my many bookcases, and in its pages is a whole other world with characters I have learned to love and that are a part of my life. It sits with other books that are their own worlds unto themselves, with unforgettable characters and wonderfully written stories. I often think of all my books (and I have a great deal of books) and think of all the worlds and all the characters that inhabit my bookcases and my life, and then I don’t feel empty at all.

    FaS is wonderful!

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