Off again to South Carolina

The conference went very well, I’m happy to say. As soon as I have a minute I will put the handout up for anybody who wants one.

However. I’m leaving early tomorrow for South Carolina to speak at an authors’ luncheon in Charleston. I travel all day Wednesday, spend most of Thursday at the event, and travel most of the day Friday. With any luck I’ll get some serious writing done sitting on various planes.

Every time I fly, I seem to come down with some kind of cold. A lot of people have this problem, I know, due mostly to bad air quality in a pressurized cabin. My question: how dopey would it look to come onboard wearing a full haz-mat suit? Or at least a surgical mask? I think somebody should design a line of masks in nice colors and sell them at the airport.

I’m rambling, I realize it. I need to get a lot written today and I’m hesitating before that high dive into cold reality. I would, however, like to give you something to read that interests you. As I don’t have time to come up with anything of real value, please ask questions. Anything is fair game — except asking when book six will be out. That information in available here. Otherwise, have at it. Business related, writing related, my third grade report card, I’m an open book.