October 31, and that means:

You’re thinking Halloween. I’m thinking that today is the official publication date for Queen of Swords. Which is a relief, and also scary. A kid out there in the world, and there’s nothing you can do to ease that passage. What if nobody wants to play with her? What if she stands forgotten in a corner?

What if the other kids gang up on her and make fun?

But no. We’ll think positive. She’s a good kid. She’ll have more friends every day. Will she be popular enough to make that Dean’s list? The one everybody is always looking at?

That’s out of my hands.

Now for the big question: when will the next book be done? Answer: I plan to start writing next week.

edited to add this interesting bit of news: Queen of Swords has already gone back for a second printing. On the release day. This is very good.