Now I am officially pissed

Edited to add the link to offending webpage.

I’ve been trying to put together a complete list of all my books, with editions and ISBNs, etc, to put up on the website. Which means consulting Amazon. Which I was doing, comparing ISBNs to their listings, seeing what covers they have up and what they don’t. When something caught my eye.

On the page for the unabridged audiobook of Queen of Swords, there’s a one line “editorial review” without attribution. And what does it say?

Set in 1814, Hannah Boner gives birth to her half-brother’s child.

I’m not given to cursing, but I made a colorful, very loud exception. If you’re going to put down salacious falsehoods about the novel and about Hannah, you should at least have the good sense to spell her name correctly. Because it’s one thing to be an idiot, and another to being a clueless, sloppy idiot.

What makes me even angrier is that there’s no easy or straightforward way to contact Amazon and ask some questions. Such as: the hell? And: where did this come from? And: who is responsible, so I can tear off that individual’s tiny little head.

Accusing Hannah of incest. It makes my skin crawl. The casual browser would look at this and get what impression? Don’t tell me. I know.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll be able to handle this with some equanimity. I’ll get it fixed, but it’s likely to take a while. Grrrrr.